The Bad Batch Season 2 is Headed to Coruscant

Star Wars' newest animated series, The Bad Batch had picked up moments before Order 66 and detailed the life of clones unaffected by the chip. The show had highlighted the transition from the Republic to the Empire and how the clones were involved. The timeline of the series allowed the writers to explore a fragile era, the... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch Season 2 Receives Update

It looks like Star Wars streaming has begun to slow down a bit. Since the release of The Mandalorian in late 2019, fans have been getting plenty of shows. Following The Mandalorian was The Clone Wars finale season, The Bad Batch, The Book of Boba Fett, and the non-canon Visions. All of these additions have been very well received, but it appears that fans won't see The... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch: Kamino Lost Review

The finale for The Bad Batch season one is finally here. The show had taken us through the first steps of the Empire as they began to take their rise and place in the galaxy. We saw firsthand how the Empire started to phase out the clones and move forward toward recruitment. We also saw the destruction... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch: Infested Review

The bad batch is back to Cid's for a new job. Or at least thought it was Cid's? There is someone else in Cid's boss chair, and now the gang wants to leave Ord Mantell. Cid's hiding out on her ship and plotting to take back her parlor from Roland. Omega has Cid's back, and... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch: Devil’s Deal Review

Hunter is healed and has a new uniform. He blends in with the elite stormtroopers. They are on Ryloth to help overlook the shift on Ryloth as the Empire takes control of the planet and its people. Clone Captain Ballast is making his appearance; he had gained some popularity after being revealed as one of... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch: Common Ground Review

We are finally getting insight into how the Empire seized control of the planets around the galaxy. At the beginning of this episode, we visit Raxis, a planet in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. There, we see the Empire desperately trying to seize control of the proudly free planet and install a puppet government.  The... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch: Bounty Lost Review

Wow, this was probably one of the best episodes yet. As the season progresses the episodes improve; there was more action, more drama, and most importantly, there was plenty of Star Wars lore. "Bounty Lost" was an episode that dove deep into the Kaminoans and their cloning process. We got to learn who Omega truly... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch: Battle Scars Review

Great shot, Kid This episode starts with some great action. The classic Star Wars space battle is the first scene of this episode, and hopefully, that will set the pace for this episode. The bad batch is now fully employed by Cid, and they are pulling off jobs with ease. Cid has been good to... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch: Rampage Review

Omega and the team Well, if it wasn't already official with Omega's room in the ship, it seems that the comlink has solidified her place in the group. She is one of them, and they care for her deeply. They know that they have to keep her safe, and after the run-in with Fennec Shand,... Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch: Cornered Review

The Bad Batch is off to a good start. This series has shown Filoni's knowledge of the Star Wars universe. The show is doing a fantastic job of linking the transition between the prequels and the original trilogy. This episode doesn't seem to be too long, and it certainly feels like it goes by quickly.... Continue Reading →

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