The Bad Batch Season 2 September Release IS Confirmed

 Star Wars: The Bad Batch had mysteriously disappeared from the released list of content announced to be released on Disney+ for September. The show was initially expected to be released on September 28th but was not listed. 

This led fans to wonder when they could expect the new season. Due to the release of Andor, which will take place a week prior, fans speculated that the show’s delay was due to keep the attention on the new spy-thriller. Andor will explore a similar later to the era of The Bad Batch, as the Rebel Alliance’s presence grows. 

It turns out that Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 will release on its initial date. The release was officially listed on the Disney Australia site and also through a Redditor asking the Disney+ chat when they can expect the new season. The Disney+ chat employee, Sherry, confirmed that The Bad Batch season 2 will be available on Disney+ on September 28th. 

Here is what Disney Australia had to say: 

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S2

Available to stream on Disney+ from 28 September:

The Bad Batch returns with Clone Force 99 and Omega, as they continue to navigate their journey through a rapidly changing galaxy after the fall of the Republic. Watch as the heroes complete daring missions across the galaxy meeting friend and foe, both old and new along the way.

This is good news as it clears up the recent confusion. The show was a hit with fans as we explore a dark era in Star Wars. The Empire is on the rise, and clone force 99 must find their way into the Galaxy as they watch their brothers become agents of destruction and control. 

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