Disney+ September Line-Up Shows Delay For “Bad Batch” Season 2

The entertainment on Disney+ keeps coming. During an event, Disney announced a plethora of content for September and gave us a glimpse into what to expect; there are a few big titles featured on the list, one of which was not Star Wars The Bad Batch. Most likely to not overshadow the release of Andor, which will release on September 21st. It will have a 3-episode premiere, while the 4th episode will premiere a week later, on the 28th, when The Bad Batch was supposedly going to release. 

The show that follows a chip-defective group of genetically enhanced clones as they try to navigate their way through the Galaxy post-Order 66 will not premiere on its original date. The September 28th release date has been delayed, something Disney has been doing much of lately. From It looks like fans will need to wait to see more of the cloning facilities, rogue clones, and the Empire on the rise. 

The show had left off at an exciting point. We had gotten a glimpse of a hidden facility on Wayland where Nala Se was taken after the collapse of Kamino. That shows that the Kaminoan technology and advancements were not lost. On top of the cloning business, the Empire was on a steady rise as it began to clamp down on the planets that were not loyal to their cause. 

The bad batch will need to keep Omega safe from the insane reach of the Empire. The team will also need to embrace their mercenary lifestyle as they try to keep Wrecker fed. Luckily, they’ve made some solid connections in season 1; hopefully, we can see more of Cid and her underground connections.

There is plenty more to explore in a such pivotal time in the Galaxy. It will be interesting to see what season 2 will bring. What do you hope to see? Do you want to see Crosshair rejoin his bothers? Comment below or on the Facebook page!

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