The Bad Batch: Cornered Review

The Bad Batch is off to a good start. This series has shown Filoni’s knowledge of the Star Wars universe. The show is doing a fantastic job of linking the transition between the prequels and the original trilogy. This episode doesn’t seem to be too long, and it certainly feels like it goes by quickly.


The new overbearing process for checking in is a problem for the Bad Batch. They’ll have to get used to buying their way out of sticky situations, but as they will quickly learn, someone is always willing to pay more. That someone is familiar to us, thanks to The Mandalorian

Fennec Shand from The Bad Batch

The team doesn’t know they are in trouble and so they press forward. Omega is excited to be out and about. She is still new to being exposed to the outside world, cities, and other societies, and so this will be a whole new adventure for her. The Bad Batch is used to this sort of thing, except they’re not used to playing the part of civilians yet. 

And then we have Poor Echo getting sold for credits. At least he can just walk out. 

A New World

Omega isn’t used to the dangers of the big bad galaxy, so she is vulnerable to those who will take advantage. Someone willing to take advantage is the notorious Fennec Shand. This is years before The Mandalorian and an earlier stage in her career, but as well find out, she is one of the best bounty hunters out there. 

She is in for the big payday, and Omega has no idea. We can see her innocence and kindness when she offers Shand a spot with the crew. She feels bad that she’s alone out there but is clueless about the fact that she is the target. Omega is learning the realities of the galaxy, and she will soon learn her value.


Omega has disappeared into the city to escape the dangerous grasp of Shand, and now the team has to disperse and find her before she does. Omega is unfamiliar to everything around her; even the speeders look strange to her. Luckily, Tech can hack into the city’s central computer and tapped not the cameras to find her location.

Wrecker and Omega in The Bad Batch

Wrecker was able to hustle down there, but Shand was right on her tail, and she proves to be a challenge for Wrecker. Well, at least that she’s smarter than he is. She’s also pretty desperate to get Omega. We don’t know who her boss is or exactly who’s after her, but they must be paying a large amount.

Hunter’s enhanced abilities helped him to get her away from Shand, and they knew that they had to get off of Pantora and fast. They now know that Omega is a wanted target and that the bounty hunter after her is a very dangerous one. This will make the series a bit more exciting.

I have spoken

The episode ended on a good note. The team got away safely but are now fully aware of the danger they are in, and they understand the fact that money will be one of the biggest assets to keeping them under the radar. The Empire is still growing, and they are doing what they can to evade its grasp.

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