The Bad Batch Season 2 is Headed to Coruscant

Star Wars’ newest animated series, The Bad Batch had picked up moments before Order 66 and detailed the life of clones unaffected by the chip. The show had highlighted the transition from the Republic to the Empire and how the clones were involved. The timeline of the series allowed the writers to explore a fragile era, the Jedi have are gone, and it feels that hope had followed as we saw the Empire move in and install puppet governments across the Galaxy. 

In a recent live stream, long-time Star Wars animation composers, the Kiner brothers, had given a few details about the second season for The Bad Batch. Kiner revealed a few key details without giving out too much information. The live stream was on The Convor Call, a live stream aimed to raise money for the people of Ukraine, and there we got a glimpse into season 2. 

In the live stream, they had revealed that the two brothers have been working on the score for the second season of The Bad Batch for a while now. The second season was apparently being developed while still scoring the first season.

There will be a jump in the timeline. An unspecified amount of time will have passed between the first and second seasons, and Omega will look older.

The show will take viewers back to Coruscant. The Kiners are composing a sort of “political noir” composition for certain scenes that may or may not take place on that planet. The second season will embrace the political side of Star Wars will be fascinating to see; the politics are pivotal in the transition from Republic to Empire, so it will be exciting to see what goes on in the Galactic Senate now.

The second season of the show will have a larger cast of characters than the first. There is no confirmation on the return of characters like Cad Bane or Fennec Shand, but season two will supposedly bring both new and familiar characters. 

The Kiner brothers are also working on a new animated series. They have not released any details about the show, only that they have full creative freedom for the scores. The show may potentially be about Maul and his rise in the underworld. You can read more about that here

The release date for season 2 has not been announced yet, but it looks like it may be Fall/Winter or early 2023.

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