The Bad Batch: Return to Kamino Review

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is, unfortunately, coming to an end. “Return to Kamino” is part one of the two-part finale. Now that Crosshair has Hunter in his custody, he will try and lure the rest of the group to Kamino so he can get his revenge. Crosshair was left abandoned by his brothers after the chip had turned him to work for the Empire. 

Crosshair and Hunter

Crosshair’s Plan

Crosshair had used Hunter’s comlink to get the rest of the crew to Kamino to rescue him. As they arrive at Kamino in their shuttle, the music played is a great throwback to the prequel era, where we first met the Kaminoans and their cloning process. Now, Kamino is occupied by the Empire, and the Kaminoans are in danger. Not only everything they’ve worked for but also their survival. 

The cloning process that they engineered and perfected will be far too valuable for the Empire to leave hanging around, and as we’ve all learned, the Empire knows how to be very thorough. 

As the rest of the bad batch make their way to Kamino, Omega uses her knowledge of the facilities to find the best and most secluded platform to land on, so they can get in and retrieve Hunter. Omega’s knowledge of these facilities proves extremely valuable, as she shows just how useful of a character she can be. 


Nala Se had shown Omega all of the secret passages around the Kamino facilities. Her knowledge helps the team get in, but it is tough for Omega to be back, knowing that the Kaminoans had sent bounty hunters after her and essentially wanted her dead. Nala Se’s lab is where Omega and the bad batch were born. This gives us an interesting backstory to clone force 99 and shows just how special their creation was. 

The Bad Batch

Crosshair is still brainwashed, even though his inhibitor chip is gone. He is too caught up with “the bigger picture” and can’t see that he is currently being used until the Empire is ready to phase him out. His skills will be useful when training the recruited soldiers of the Empire, but after he’s trained enough soldiers, the Empire will get rid of him. 

The Training Room

Crosshair’s plan worked how he wanted it. The bad batch had fallen right into his trap. AZI and Omega will need to try and save the day, but her idea to use the training droids may not be so bright. 

Crosshair still wants to work with his brothers, although they had left him and he’s become far more hardened than before, he wants them to join him and the Empire. Hunter knows too much about the corruption and the push away from Clones, so he would never go back to working with them, but this shows that there is still some humanity left in Crosshair. 

Crosshair and the team all have to work together to annihilate the slew of training bots that Omega had unleashed on them. In the chaos of the fight, the Empire had evacuated entirely.

The Rain of Destruction 

As we saw the Empire evacuating the facilities, it was pretty obvious why. The facilities and all the technology used for cloning needs to be destroyed. The Empire has the chief Kaminoan scientists working for them, so now Palpatine can use them to work on his personal cloning process in secret, on Exegol.

Grand Moff Tarkin Giving the Order to Blow Up the Kamino Facilities

The bad batch needs to escape from Kamino before the destroyers can fire on the facilities, but as Hunter knew, they were more than willing to use Crosshair to wrangle the clones up and kill him in the process, so their attempt to escape is too late. After their ship was shot up like the Razorcrest, they had to run back inside and figure out a way to survive the bombardment of the ship’s cannons and the frigid, wild sea around them. 

I Have Spoken

This cliffhanger ending was great, except the only problem is season two for The Bad Batch was already confirmed shortly before this episode premiered. From that alone, we can conclude that the bad batch will survive this disaster. They may lose someone in the process, but for now, we know that Omega and the larger portion of the group will survive. 

Nala Se had hired Fennec Shand to keep Omega safe, so she may be the figure that goes in to save her and the rest of the bad batch. Another possibility is Rex, who has connections all over the galaxy. There is some possibility that they could contact him and have him rescue them from the devastation on Kamino caused by the Empire. 

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