Will Darth Maul Be in The Bad Batch Season 2?

Will we see Darth Maul in The Bad Batch season 2? Well, I, of course, cannot say for certain until we actually get to see him, but I have a very good feeling that they are leading up to introducing Maul and his life as a crime lord. 

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Why Would We See Maul? 

We would see Maul make an appearance as the gang keeps exploring the criminal underworld and makes new connections. Their missions are consistently successful. They have helped Cid make a lot of credits, and that would begin to get the attention of the underworld high command. 

The episode of The Bad Batch, “Infested” had explored Roland Durand and his gang. He comes from the ruthless Isa Durand, a rather powerful figure in the crime world. As seen in the episode, Roland wanted to make a name for himself and expand the Durand family business. 

Roland Durand

So, his growth plan was rooted in teaming up with the Pykes. The Pykes are known as an extremely ruthless gang. They make their millions off the spice trade, as they run illegal slave operations to mine the spice. The Pykes were on Mandalore during the siege of the planet, as seen at the end of The Clone Wars season 7, and so they would have a relationship with Maul, who lead the Deathwatch as they attacked. 

The Bad Batch and Maul

The gang would not have a relationship or anything to do with Maul, yet. But after their stunt with Cid, stealing the spice from Roland, there is a good chance that Maul would be hearing of this group of defective clones that pull off some very complicated missions. 

The defective clones and enhanced abilities would be something that Maul would definitely be interested in, especially now that he has united so many crime groups. During the war, Maul rallied the forces of Death Watch, Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutt Clan, and the Nightbrothers. After the war, Maul survived and led the criminal enterprise Crimson Dawn. Unlike the Shadow Collective, Maul relied on a figurehead, Dryden Vos, and later, Qi’ra, to publicly lead the group.

Hired By Maul?

Now, could the gang be hired by Maul to do some gigs? That is a possibility. Maul could want to hire them and use them for various jobs, or he could see them as a wildcard threat. He knew about Sidious’ plan and even tried to warn Ahsoka. Maul was well aware that the clones were designed to obey Order 66, so with that knowledge, Maul would be less likely to trust the rogue clones. 

The bad batch would be considered a wildcard. But then again, when looking at Maul, he is a bit of a wildcard himself. There is potential interest in the bad batch and the use for them to use their exceptional abilities to further Maul’s reach in the underworld, or even possibly try and formulate a plan to fight Sidious. 

Darth Maul from Solo: A Star Wars Story

Crimson Dawn

Solo: A Star Wars story ended with a cliffhanger. We got to see Maul in his position as leader of Crimson Dawn tell Q’ira her next move. Although he uses someone as the face of the group, he is pulling all the strings on Dathomir. The time the bad batch is taking place would be before the events of Solo. Therefore Maul is still in the business and a candidate to make an appearance in the show. 

We have seen the Hutts, the Pykes, the Durands, and now we may see Maul and his Crimson Dawn group. We know that the Pykes stayed loyal to Maul after the war, so their appearance in “Infested” could have been an effort to foreshadow the return of Maul and explain how he got to the head of Crimson Dawn. 

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Maul can make an appearance in The Bad Batch? Thank you for reading. Please subscribe down below, and remember, utinni. 

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