Star Wars: The Bad Batch Replacements Review

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is officially three episodes in, and fans are loving every second of it. The show has featured many aspects of the Star Wars universe that we were hoping to see, plus some other things I know many of us were surprised to see. To be honest, I was unsure about this show and how good it would be, but so far, it has been very entertaining and offers some great insight into the rise of the Empire.

Because the show had picked up so closely to Order 66 and the shift from the Republic to the Empire, we are seeing all of the little details that had gone into creating this newfangled form of government and army. This episode introduces the first elite squad for the Empire, and we get a good idea of just how excited Tarkin is to try them out.

On the Run

The bad batch is on the run from the Empire as we pick up where we left off with them. They were flying smoothly along, but out of nowhere, they had to make a crash landing. On the way down Wrecker had hit his head pretty hard, giving him a pretty bad headache. Could this hit on his head have helped to activate the chip in his brain?

The inhibitor chip, the major topic, and issue of this show, has proven to be a problem for their ex-comrade CT-9904, Crosshair. It has been talked about by the crew, and they’ve expressed their worry that they may fall victim to it, as well.

The Empire

The death of the clone troopers is imminent. We all know that they get phased out, but it is interesting to watch how it happens. The Empire’s interest in the recruitment of an army, rather than the creation, through cloning, is a problem for the Kaminoans.

They’ve made a comfortable living off of producing clones for the Republic, and they would like to keep their source of income. Besides, who knows what the Empire will do with them once they’ve decided they are no longer use for them. Probably steal all of their technology and move it to Exegol, but that is a different issue.

The elite squadron is a huge moment for the Empire. It shows that they can produce an army with as much of an effective win rate as the clones. Though the recruits may not be modified for battle, they show some serious promise.


The Empire is attracted to the willingness to join the Empire out of their own free will. Rather than creating an army forced to do what is needed, the newly formed Empire will have millions of volunteers all over the galaxy who will prove their loyalty.

It doesn’t hurt that they have the enhanced clone, Crosshair, leading the newly formed Elite Squadron on their mission to do what the bad batch couldn’t. Crosshair’s mind is gone and has shown that he is completely loyal to the Empire and their ways. Some of the recruits prove to be like-minded. After a little resistance and a lot of fear, they had accomplished what the Empire wanted them to do.

Little does Crosshair know, he is leading these recruits to be his replacement. But good soldiers follow orders. Right?

Omega the brave

The ship is down, and a creature that feeds off energy had wrecked it. Omega and Hunter had set out for it, but after Hunter had passed out from his oxygen mask being knocked off, she had ventured off to complete the mission. Omega is beginning to show that she wants to be a real part of the crew and is willing to do what needs to be done to help them.

Although this beast is massive, it is not interested in organic matter, so Omega can escape. Due to her ability to stay calm in that situation, she left without a scratch.

Omega in the first episode showed she was good with a blaster, and now she has shown she can track and stay calm in the heat of the moment. A massive monster was staring her in the face, but she had kept her cool long enough to analyze the situation and figure out what to do. Perhaps Omega has a few of each clone’s abilities in her?

The next phase

It looks like the Kaminoans are doing whatever they can to survive. They have been working on a new experiment that will surpass the rest of the clones. We don’t know any details on it, but it seems that they hope this will be their last saving grace. Little do the Kaminoans know, no matter what they produce, the Empire will move forward with a recruited Army rather than a cloned one.

The next phase of Kaminoan cloning could lead to the issue of The Mandalorian. Could this next phase be a cloning process that could potentially clone the midi-chlorians within a powerful being? Will this spark the Empire’s ability to clone the Emperor or make Snoke? Perhaps we will find out, eventually, but for now, all we know is that those sneaky, brilliant Kaminoans are up to something. 

A beautiful ending

Omega has solidified herself as a part of the group. She risked her life to complete the mission and has proven that she can keep up with the bad batch. Wrecker builds her a private room, a first for Omega, who has only known the shared quarters on Kamino. This is definitely a huge relief for her knowing that she has a home with the bad batch.


Wrecker also seemed to get better toward the ending. Hopefully, his headache will not lead to anything later on. If Wrecker goes to the other side, it will be a heartbreaking thing to see. The bad batch has already lost a member, and I doubt they will want to lose another.

I have spoken

Overall, this was a good episode. It was not as fast-paced as the others, but it offered some fantastic insight into the newly formed Empire as they begin to recruit citizens of the galaxy. We got a glimpse of the elite squadron in action, and we will certainly see more of them. They will most likely hunt down the bad batch later on.

The relationship that Omega has with the bad batch is growing, too. She has established herself as a part of the crew, especially with her new room. They are all clones, so realistically, they are related.

What did you think of this episode? How do you feel about Crosshair’s actions? Thank you for reading, please check out the YouTube channel, and remember, utinni.

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