The Bad Batch: Common Ground Review

We are finally getting insight into how the Empire seized control of the planets around the galaxy. At the beginning of this episode, we visit Raxis, a planet in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. There, we see the Empire desperately trying to seize control of the proudly free planet and install a puppet government. 

The governor was warned by his protocol droids to do what the Empire bids or something might happen to him, like the other officials of Raxis. We are seeing the frightening reality of how the Empire took planets into their control. 

Following the Senator’s speech and his turn on the Imperial government, we see him immediately taken by stormtroopers. Now, he’s in prison, and the people are at the mercy of the Empire. As seen almost immediately after the senator was taken away, AT-TEs walked into the capital to keep the people at bay and under control. They will do anything in their power to stop an uprising. 

The bad batch 

The Senator had a plan set up for his disappearance. His protocol droid had very specific steps to follow, and one of those steps was contacting Cid. Now, the bad batch, who had fought against the CIS and Senators like this one, have to go and save him. The irony in that is strongly felt through Echo and his reaction to the mission. Little does he realize, the former CIS and Republic now have a lot in common. 

In this episode, as the bad batch sneaks in to retrieve the senator, we are given a glimpse into how stealthy these men can be. They didn’t show it too well on that junk planet, after being spotted by the junkers and Crosshair. But here, they look like they were trained by Ezio Auditore, himself. 

Omega the genius

Could you see the dollar bills in Cid’s eyes? Omega has proven herself to be a very impressive clone. In the last episode we had learned about her origins. She is a pure phase one clone. Her genes have been left untampered; in the sense that she does not age as rapidly as Hunter and the rest of the bad batch. She must have some sort of alteration that has helped to improve her in a few different ways. 

Her being a genius at Dejarik may be the answer to the bad batch clearing their debts. 

At it again

Well, there went all that stealth. The bad batch commandeered an AT-TE and stomped their way down the streets and out of the city. Until they got caught and commandeered another AT-TE. Until that one got destroyed. They are truly an exciting team to watch. The action keeps getting bigger and better. Those stormtroopers did not stand a chance against the bad batch, and they knew it, too. That is why they had all their guns set to stun. It would be a difficult mission for them to have to attack their own brothers. Now, as soon as the stormtroopers begin to be replaced by recruits, that is a different story. 

Back to Omega

It looks like Omega’s skills had helped to free the bad batch from their debt. Now, they can move more freely throughout the galaxy, and any job they pick up will go right into their cookie jar. Omega had made herself beyond useful for the team, and it looks like it worked out that she did not get to join them on the mission, after all. 

Omega becomes more impressive each episode. Although this episode may not have been as good as the last, it was important to tell the story. We got to see the Empire begin to seize control of planets, and we got to see how they do it, we got to see the bad batch be freed from their debts and given the freedom to move on and really make some money, and finally, we got to see more of Omega’s development. She picked up Dejarik very quickly, and this is a perfect indication of her abilities as a clone. 

I wonder what else she will have in store for us. What did you think of this episode? 

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