The Bad Batch: Battle Scars Review

Great shot, Kid

This episode starts with some great action. The classic Star Wars space battle is the first scene of this episode, and hopefully, that will set the pace for this episode. The bad batch is now fully employed by Cid, and they are pulling off jobs with ease. Cid has been good to them; Cid has supplied them with gear, rations, fuel, and other necessities to pull off jobs and survive. 

There was a mysterious figure watching them as they had strolled in, and it was none other than Captian Rex. He is dead in the eyes of the Empire, so he has become a shadow in the galaxy. His connections, the Martez sisters, had told him where he could find them. It is great to see Rex and check in with what he has been up to since he and Ahsoka’s “death.” 

Now that Rex knows the team hasn’t removed the inhibitor chip, he has let them know how dangerous the chips truly are. We’ve been seeing Wrecker having issues with the inhibitor chip, and it has been giving him headaches. Only Wrecker has no idea what is causing it. 

The junk planet

The planet that Rex has met the bad batch on is a graveyard for ships of all different kinds. They are there to get the inhibitor chips out with Rex’s help. Their goal is to get to the medical bay on one of the Venator class starships to get the supplies and tools necessary for the operation. 

That operation is cracking their heads open and removing the chip. I hope they covered brain surgery in Rex’s training. 

As the team tries to journey over to the medical bay, we get a scene that pays homage to Star Wars: A New Hope. The creature in the junkyard swamp that grabbed hold of Wrecker was a great addition to the episode, and it just showed off how fantastic of a storyteller Dave Filoni truly is. 

The chip

Let’s be honest. We all saw this coming, but it was still hard to see happen. Wrecker is such a lovable character, so it is hard to watch him turn, and the chip takes over his mind. He has no control over his actions, and although Omega had tried to level with him and get him to recover, she couldn’t do it. 

The fight that Wrecker put up was intense. He got knocked down by Shand in half a second, but he must have channeled his inner rage because he was throwing around each clone like a rag doll. It was an exciting fight scene to watch, but at the same time, it was hard to see Wrecker turn on his brothers. We know he wasn’t in control of what was happening, but you know Rex was getting flashbacks to the moment that Order 66 happened.

Rex was luckily there to hit Wrecker with the stun, and they were able to put him into the operation pod. Although Wrecker had almost murdered Omega, she understood that he had no control over what happened and stuck by his side until he woke up from the operation. Now that the chips are out of their heads, the team is safe for Omega to be around, and they don’t have to worry about Order 66 taking control of them. 

The relationship between Omega and Wrecker is very strong. As we saw at the moment Wrecker had apologized, Omega showed her compassion and understanding. She whipped out some of that space popcorn, (mantell mix) and they chowed down, keeping their tradition alive. This was a very heartfelt moment, and it was wonderful to see.

The fight is still on

Rex is a part of the rebellion. He didn’t say where he was going, but we know that he is off to fight for the galaxy’s freedom. Rex was a fantastic person to see this episode. It was his help and experience that got the chips removed from the bad batch. It was great to see that Rex is a part of forming the rebellion. These very early stages of the rebellion as it begins to form are key to the events of the original trilogy. Rex has seen a lot of, and he is still not quite finished.

It looks like he parted from them just in time. As Rex was leaving, the guild that patrols the planet had Hunter in their sights. It also doesn’t help their cause that they are hanging out on the Jedi Starcruiser. The two guild members said they will notify the Empire about the intruders, and now the bad batch will have a new problem at hand as if Fennec Shand already wasn’t enough. 

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