The Bad Batch Episode 2: Cut and Run Review

Episode 2 of The Bad Batch is finally out. Fridays will be the premiere date for each episode, as May 4th was an exception to celebrate Star Wars Day. Episode one had kicked off in a fantastic way; we picked up right before Order 66 and saw the bad batch’s reaction to the events. They now realize that they are no use to the Empire and because the inhibitor chip did not affect them.

Omega, the 5th altered clone, has joined them for their adventures as they try and survive the growing Empire. Episode 2 gives us a good idea of the isolation that Omega felt on Kamino. She had never left the stormy planet, so this new, bright one is fantastic for her.

A growing threat

We get to see a familiar face from The Clone Wars, a good friend to the bad batch, Cut Lawquane. Cut is the only canon clone trooper to abandon the Republic and start a family, so he can relate to the bad batch and the way they feel. 

Cut and Suu Lawquane The Bad Batch Disney+

The Empire is growing on the planet of Saleucami. They have eliminated the Republic credits and installed Imperial ones. The biggest catch? They have to register for an Imperial chain code to do just about anything, from travel to pay for items. The Empire is really beginning to crack down on the citizens and remove their rights and freedom.

For now, the bad batch is stuck on this planet until they can figure out how to register for the chain code or sneak out of the hands of the Empire.

The code

Good thing they have Tech and his brilliant mind because he has a pretty good plan. His hacking abilities will allow them to receive a code, and without his modified intelligence, they might have been stuck on this planet for years.

Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech. The Bad Batch Disney+

Tech and Echo’s mission is working out, except Omega is, well, very curious. She gets into a bit of trouble, but her clever mind helps her get some chain codes. Unfortunately for her, the bad batch sees Cut and his family as the perfect opportunity to give Omega a good life. It would be difficult to raise a child on the run, but it is still heartbreaking to think of her leaving the crew.

Luckily for us, Omega has way too much spirit, and there is no chance that she is leaving the bad batch. After all, they are related and the closest people that she will have in the galaxy. Although hiding with Cut and his family would be safe, the bad batch certainly can keep her safe.

I have spoken

Overall, this episode was pretty good. I wouldn’t say it was as good as the first episode, but it is important to the story. We get to see Omega truly become a part of the bad batch family as Hunter realizes how much she means to him and everyone else.

Omega shows a lot of spirit in this episode, and quite honestly, she’s one of my favorite characters of this show so far. She’s clever, creative, and has a good shot with the blaster. She will definitely prove to be a key component of the bad batch.

It was great to see a familiar face and see that Cut and his family are doing well. The bad batch helped him get off that planet and get further into hiding. They gave Cut and his family valid chain codes, so they can freely travel without the fear of being found. His familiar face may be a problem, but the clones will soon be phased out, and the Empire will begin recruiting. As seen in the first episode, Tarkin is set on getting rid of them and finding a cheaper alternative.

There is no doubt that Palpatine stole the Kaminoan’s cloning technology and used it for himself. But that is a totally different story.

I hope you enjoyed the episode. Thank you for reading and please check out the YouTube channel and drop a sub there, as well as down below. Oh, and remember, utinni.

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