The Bad Batch: Infested Review

The bad batch is back to Cid’s for a new job. Or at least thought it was Cid’s? There is someone else in Cid’s boss chair, and now the gang wants to leave Ord Mantell. Cid’s hiding out on her ship and plotting to take back her parlor from Roland. Omega has Cid’s back, and although the bad batch is reluctant, they will help. 

Roland Durand

Tech takes everything so literally, and it’s actually pretty funny to listen to his replies to Cid’s sarcasm. 

Into the Sewers

The sewers are, unfortunately, a great place to hide out and get around town. As seen in The Mandalorian, the sewers were used on Nevarro for the Mandalorians to hide from the Empire. Here, on Ord Mantell, the sewers are helpful for the bad batch and Cid to get to her parlor to sneak in and steal a shipment of spice.

The Weequay that works for Cid is pretty impressive. His maneuver to get Ruby lured away was pretty brilliant. Realistically, it was probably Cid who thought of the plan, but either way, it worked perfectly. That is until the pet started freaking out, and they dropped the cage and let Ruby loose. Can you really blame them for taking off, though? They knew that they would be killed if they were found with her.

Thanks to the plan, Cid was able to get all of Roland’s spice he got from partnering up with the Pykes. Considering this point in time, do you believe that Darth Maul will make an appearance? We have been seeing a lot of the criminal underworld, and as we saw in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Maul is the top crime boss.

Cid is off with the spice stolen from Roland and back through the sewers, where they do not want to wake up the hive.

The Hive

The plan had failed, and Roland found access to the tunnel. He sent his goons down to chase after Cid and the bad batch to recover his spice. The goons came flying in on the mine carts firing their blasters making a lot of noise. They have no idea what they are about to awaken and just how dangerous that sewer can be.

Cid warns everyone to stay quiet, but it is too late, and the hive woke up and attacked everyone within the sewers. These flying menaces of darkness were afraid of the light, and this was a huge advantage for the gang because they all had flashlights. Wrecker sealed the sewers and saved everyone. 

Roland’s Wrath

Roland had found Cid’s goons, and they revealed what they knew, but Roland’s wrath with them is nothing compared to how mad he made the Pykes. They are one of the largest underground gangs. They have almost unlimited resources and employees, and when they make a threat as they did to Roland, they mean business. 

Now that Roland lost the shipment and told the Pykes who stole it, they are angry with Cid and the bad batch. Cid thought she could safely return to her place, but she came too early and ran into the Pykes, where they gave the gang an ultimatum. Find the spice or die. 


The worst part is that they want to hold onto Omega while they run and get the spice. Omega is the insurance the Pykes need to allow the gang to leave their sight. But now they have to go back into the sewers and back to the Irlings. 

The Spice

Cid takes full responsibility for, well, getting Omega trapped with the Pykes. She takes Wrecker to repel down into the cave to recover the shipment of spice. Now it is a race to finish before nightfall and not wake up any of the Irlings. 

Cid and Wrecker quickly found all the containers and were hightailing it out of Dodge when one fell, and it woke up the entire hive. Again. They swarmed up and started attacking Cid and Wrecker, but Tech had planned for something like that to happen and constructed a light bomb that gave off so much blinding light the Irlings were forced to leave that cave. 

Tech’s Light Bomb

Now that they’ve gotten the spice back, they can get Omega back from those crazy Pykes.

The Return

After giving Omega back, the Pykes wanted to get their revenge on Roland for the bad deal. Omega’s humanity and sympathy had saved Roland’s life. After she had stood up for him, Cid had given the Pykes a glimpse into the reality of what they were doing. So, rather than killing Roland and starting a war with Isa Durand, they would plan to do something else. The Pykes would probably take out Isa Durand, but it would expend too many resources, and it would not be worth the effort.

So, they took one of Roland’s horns as a warning for him to never cross paths with the Pykes again. 

Roland will certainly run back to his mother and leave Ord Mantell, giving Cid her parlor back. 

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