The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch Season 2 Official Release Date

Star Wars’ newest animated series, The Bad Batch, premiered on May 4, 2021. The show was successful as many fans were on board with these defective clones unaffected by the inhibitor chips. These newly employed mercenaries must find a way to navigate their way across the Galaxy as they try to lay low and keep Omega safe.  The… Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch Season 2 September Release IS Confirmed

 Star Wars: The Bad Batch had mysteriously disappeared from the released list of content announced to be released on Disney+ for September. The show was initially expected to be released on September 28th but was not listed.  This led fans to wonder when they could expect the new season. Due to the release of Andor, which will… Continue Reading →

Disney+ September Line-Up Shows Delay For “Bad Batch” Season 2

The entertainment on Disney+ keeps coming. During an event, Disney announced a plethora of content for September and gave us a glimpse into what to expect; there are a few big titles featured on the list, one of which was not Star Wars The Bad Batch. Most likely to not overshadow the release of Andor, which will… Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch Season 2 is Headed to Coruscant

Star Wars’ newest animated series, The Bad Batch had picked up moments before Order 66 and detailed the life of clones unaffected by the chip. The show had highlighted the transition from the Republic to the Empire and how the clones were involved. The timeline of the series allowed the writers to explore a fragile era, the… Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch Season 2 Receives Update

It looks like Star Wars streaming has begun to slow down a bit. Since the release of The Mandalorian in late 2019, fans have been getting plenty of shows. Following The Mandalorian was The Clone Wars finale season, The Bad Batch, The Book of Boba Fett, and the non-canon Visions. All of these additions have been very well received, but it appears that fans won’t see The… Continue Reading →

Will Darth Maul Be in The Bad Batch Season 2?

Will we see Darth Maul in The Bad Batch season 2? Well, I, of course, cannot say for certain until we actually get to see him, but I have a very good feeling that they are leading up to introducing Maul and his life as a crime lord.  Before we get into it, can you… Continue Reading →

The Bad Batch

A group of genetically enhanced clones unaffected by Order 66. Now on the run from the growing Empire, they must protect Omega, a special clone and sister of Boba Fett.

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