The Bad Batch Season 2 Official Release Date

Star Wars’ newest animated series, The Bad Batch, premiered on May 4, 2021. The show was successful as many fans were on board with these defective clones unaffected by the inhibitor chips. These newly employed mercenaries must find a way to navigate their way across the Galaxy as they try to lay low and keep Omega safe. 

The show’s finale ended excitingly. It left viewers wanting more of this gang of enhanced clones. Season 2 was confirmed and announced to release on September 28, 2022. A few weeks ago, Disney released a list of the titles to expect on the platform for September. The Bad Batch season 2 was nowhere to be found on that list, which left fans wondering when they could expect season 2. 

It was then assumed the delay was due to the newest live-action show, Andor, which premieres on September 21. That show was delayed from its initial date and will premiere with the first three episodes of the series. It appears the theme of delay will continue. 

There is a website,, where an automated script scans official Disney+ libraries from different regions. There has been a change in The Bad Batch code. That change now shows the premiere for season 2 as January 4, 2023. 

The Official Announcement

The D23 Expo has officially announced the date of the season’s release and it confirms what was on The official news also confirmed that there will be another 16 episodes and the premiere will release the first 2 episodes of the season.

This is disappointing news from the latest update that showed the initial September 28 release date. It looks like fans will need to wait a few months until the next season of The Bad Batch. Hopefully, Andor will be able to hold us over until January. There are twelve episodes for that series, so fans will have content each week until November 23. 

What are your thoughts on this newly updated delay? Are you still excited to see the Bad Batch back in action? Comment below or on the Facebook page! 

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