The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 5 “Return of the Mandalorian” Review

This week’s episode of The Book of Boba Fett opens with a familiar character. Din Djarin has officially made an appearance, as fans speculated after last week’s heavy teaser; in Chapter 4, there were a few hints as the background music played Djarin’s signature sound. 

Din Djarin

Djarin appeared on the job with the beskar spear he earned in Season 2, and after the fight picked up, he busted out the Darksaber, the signature Mandalorian weapon. He desperately needs to spend some time practicing with his new weapon, but he’s still skilled enough to take out the goons. Now we have a good idea of what he’s been up to since he gave Grogu to Luke Skywalker. We got more of a glimpse of Djarin’s quick wit as he talked his way out of an altercation between the rest of the goons. A brilliant cold open and exciting kick-off to Chapter 5. 

We pick back up with Djarin on an interesting-looking planet where he goes to deliver his bounty for payment. He’s stuck to his career as a bounty hunter because, well, he’s damn good at it, and now he’s so well equipped that he can go toe to toe with anyone, even Black Krrsantan. 

As suspected, Djarin is in search of something. And that something is other Mandalorians, but after his quick discussion with the crime boss, he was back on his way. Djarin moved back through the city to find his old covert. 

These scenes are wonderful additions to the show because they expand the galaxy give us insight into the day-to-day lives of the Star Wars underground. As Djarin wandered the city looking for what he needed, the scenery in the background added to the depth of this story and highlighted George Lucas’ attention to detail in his films.

Another Familiar Face

The armorer is present in this new Mandalorian covert, along with Paz Vizsla. Only three remained after their sacrifice to save Djarin on Nevarro, a tragic fate for the Mandalorians, but they welcomed Djarin back with open arms. 

The armorer shared his wisdom of their culture, the history of the Darksaber, and the importance of why only Beskar should be forged into armor and not weapons. She recognized Djarin’s legitimacy to the Darksaber and the fact that he completed his quest with Grogu. 

Her warnings of Bo-Katan Kryze and how she lost Mandalore due to her family “losing the way” were a good insight into how fractured the culture has become and the attitude toward the fall. 

Our Dreams Have Come True

And Disney already made a million dollars in Grogu Beskar merchandise. Djarin still, of course, cares for his small friend. After two seasons of adventures and near-death experiences, it makes perfect sense for him to be attached. 

Djarin, Vizsla, The Armorer

Training with the blade is necessary for Djarin to become a truly feared warrior across the galaxy. He is clumsy and still has a lot to learn about wielding such a weapon. Unfortunately, his training got cut short when Vizsla asked to duel Djarin after he felt he laid claim to the blade due to his ancestor foraging it. And he wasted no time at all. 

Pound for pound, Vizsla has a clear advantage, but Djarin is a clever fighter and is far more agile. It turned out his brute strength could not control the blade, and it didn’t belong to him after all. 

Right before Djarin could go for the kill, the armorer stopped the fight. After some questioning about the creed, it came out that Djarin had taken his helmet off. He could have lied and said no, but he has too much integrity, something that has got to be respected. The cause for his actions demanded that he lose his position in the covert.

He knows that he doesn’t have to follow the creed as strongly as they practice after his encounter with Bo Katan and others, but for now, he will have to find a new place in the galaxy. Luckily for him, an old friend is hiring. Unlucky for him, he has to fly commercial. 

A Web of Characters

The Book of Boba Fett is successfully weaving the other characters into the show. Similarly done in The Mandalorian, this is helping to build the universe and create a more connected web of shows. Ahsoka, Bo-Katan, and others were in The Mandalorian, and now, Peli Motto, Djarin, and others are front and center in The Book of Boba Fett.

It feels that Star Wars is embracing the cross-over aspects that make the MCU what it is; the MCU has been so successful that it only makes sense, and it allows for more exciting stories to take place and go deeper than they could solo. 

Peli Motto

Peli Motto dated a Jawa? Well, the Star Wars universe is very clearly a melting pot, and that was a great piece of humor to add to her character. The relationship with the Jawas and using them as part retrievers is amazing. It shows how important they are to the Tatooine economy and why they are so ruthless when taking supplies in the deserts. 

This new ship is no Razorcrest, but it is some piece of machinery. The decked-out N-1 Starship looks mean, fast, and elegant. It is a hot rod that pays homage to Lucas’ love for cars and the car culture of hot rods in the 1950s. A pod racer for the skies. Djarin even took the pod race route seen in The Phantom Menace. His adventures in the sky are so iconic they even inspire little Rodians traveling through space. 

Djarin has some bad luck with the authorities of the New Republic, but his sublight thrusters were there to get him out of a jam and some questioning about Imperial Remnants. The quick back he does with his head is such a great touch to show how fast his new ship can be. 

It’s nice that they were able to use The Book of Boba Fett to give Djarin a new ship, so when Season 3 rolls around, we’ll be able to dive right into the action. Hopefully, by then, we can see Djarin put the armor on Grogu. If we’re really lucky Luke Skywalker might give him and Boba Fett a hand in removing the Pykes from Tatooine. It would be an exciting moment to watch Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker meet again. Especially because Boba has gone through so much character development. 

Peli Motto might try and upgrade her security system after her run-in with Shand, but realistically, there is no keeping her out. She is one of the greatest assassins for a reason. She knew just where to look for Djarin, and she was right. After everything that Boba had done for Djarin, he was happy to return the favor. Free of charge, too. But first, he’s got to visit a small friend. 

The Book of Boba Fett is about to get wild.

I Have Spoken

Bryce Dallas Howard strikes again. What a fantastic episode, one of the best and unfortunately, it didn’t feature much or any of Boba, at all.

What did you think of this new episode? The pace had swapped entirely and focused on Djarin. This episode felt like The Mandalorian and was very exciting to follow. From Djarin’s bounty to the history of Mandalorian lore to the construction of his new ship, Djarin is always an exciting figure to see. It makes perfect sense why they put off the third season to premiere The Book of Boba Fett because of the way that it connects to this show. Djarin’s relationship with Boba Fett is a good one, and now that he belongs to no covert, he is free to join a fellow Mandalorian’s team. 

Maybe Peli Motto will become the new mechanic for the palace?

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