The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 4 “The Gathering Storm” Review

The Book of Boba Fett‘s next installment has hit Disney+, and it kicks off with a flashback. Since Boba’s lost his Tusken family, he’s now after revenge. But, before he can strike, he must be patient and wait for his perfect moment to strike. Until then, he must wander the desert and stay hidden from gangsters.

The timeline of this flashback is where Boba Fett found Fennec Shand after her fight with Mando and Calican, where she was left for dead. As seen with Chewbacca and Han Solo, Shand now owes Boba Fett and life debt. He saved her from the sands and brought her to a mod-parlor, where the cybernetic doctor used many different gadgets to rig Shand’s body with a robotic middle half. 

The Doctor

Now we know how he saved her life and what brought the two together. The doctor looked like he came directly out of Cyberpunk 2077, and the rip doctors featured in that game. 

Boba’s Proposition 

Boba Fett saved her life because he needed help. Shand is willing, but only if it means her freedom. Little does she know this will help kickstart a new career path for herself, one that can be very lucrative. 

As one of the best assassins in the galaxy, Shand has an impressive arsenal. One of the gadgets had flown into the palace with ease. The little device gave them a layout. Their plan to take the palace explains why they were so quick to take it after they had helped Djarin in The Mandalorian. But first, he needs his ship.

As Boba had expressed, his desire to quit the business of a bounty hunter and become a leader of a family is his new agenda. He feels it is about time to switch roles and stay safe on a throne.

The layout that Shand got of the palace was extremely helpful. The number of guards in there makes it almost impossible to storm, but with clever minds and years of experience, sneaking into the place doesn’t seem like too bad an option. 

The Backdoor

Getting into the palace wasn’t the problem for the two. It was the rat catcher. But after a cat chase, Boba stopped it and found his way to his ship. The disappointing reference to his ship as “firespray” is the confirmation that the ship has officially changed names. The issue first popped up when LEGO released a new set titled “Boba Fett’s Starship”. You can read all about that here

The hijacking of his own ship wasn’t as smooth as he may have hoped it to be, but now that he’s behind the wheel… or screens? of his ship, he is back on his way to reinventing himself as the killer Boba Fett. 

Fett and Shand

After the excitement of a good hijacking, Shand was more than willing to stick around with Fett and see how his plan to become Daimyo works out. She’s a smart one.

Also, after seeing Boba get revenge on those bikers, it begins to explain why the spice runners are so willing to go to war on Tatooine, especially against Boba. He provoked the nature of their business by wiping out the biker gang. They did have it coming, though.

The Search for Armor

Boba straight up flew his ship directly into the belly of the beast. This was a very exciting scene, as dark as it may have been, diving inside of the beast and watching its strength as it pulled down the ship was almost as thrilling as watching Shand drop the seismic bomb into its mouth. 

A good ol’ fashioned Jawa dive is the answer to how Boba will recover the armor. Now that the beast has been blown up, it’s somewhat safe to go in there. It’s also a hint to Boba’s bacta tank addiction, the acid from the Sarlacc can be devastating. 

A Proposition of the Ages

Fett has great plans in store, but he still needs Shand’s help to accomplish his goals. The deal he offers to Shand is too good to pass up, she seems skeptical at his generosity, but to have a loyal partner and a good chance of wealth, Shand would be foolish to pass up the opportunity. 

As we know, everything worked out, for now. War is headed toward Tatooine, and the security of their position is not guaranteed. But, good news does come out of the flashback. As Fett emerges from the tank, the droid lets him know that he is completely healed, so this could mean the show will take place in the present from the time being.

Fans have become irritated with the flashbacks and the slower pace, but they have proven to be a pivotal aspect of the story and help viewers understand Boba’s path and his quest to “rule with respect.”

Boba at the meeting


The fearsome Wookiee has shown what Han once warned C-3PO about, Krrsantan tore the arm off a Trandoshan. Wow, what a gruesome, but awesome aspect to the show. Fans have been dying to see a Wookiee rip an arm out since 1977. Tatooine’s bars are apparently no stranger to patrons losing limbs. 

His aggressive behavior and unstoppable attitude make him a perfect ally for Boba Fett. His kindness in Chapter 3 paid off now as Krrsantan returned to the palace with him as protection. 

Chess, Not Checkers 

Boba Fett approached his meeting with a clever plan in mind. Dinner above the rancor pit demanded the attention and respect of the other Daimyos. Through the subtle, indirect threats, Fett actively created a fearsome image for himself. 

His political savvy is above what anyone would expect from an ex-bounty hunter, and Fett is prepping for war in his own way. The ending had a fantastic hint to it. Shand asked about the treasury and kindly reminded Fett that with what they have in reserve, he will have no problem hiring the muscle he needs. 

The music that played sounded awfully familiar as she said that, too. Perhaps their friend and ally, Din Djarin will help take out the Pykes and reassure Fett’s position as Daimyo. His assistance will come in handy, and now that he’s free from the task of returning Grogu, some money would come in handy. 

A crossover would be epic. 

What did you think of this latest episode? A step in the right direction? How did you like the pace? Comment down below or on the Facebook page!

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  1. I thought at first that the opening flashback was a dream.
    I’m not in love with the series so far, the episodes are really up and down, the second being the best yet.

    1. The 2nd has definitely stood out the most. I can see that they’re trying to build a story and with Boba’s new respect philosophy I understand why the pace is a bit slower than The Mandalorian.

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