The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 6 “From the Desert Comes A Stranger” Review

Chapter 6 of The Book of Boba Fett brings back another familiar character from The Mandalorian. Cobb Vanth, the sheriff of Mos Pelgo opened up this week’s episode after he showed off his quick skills with a blaster. His character is the epitome of a Star Wars cowboy, and it is absolutely perfect. This week’s cold open wasn’t as intense as last week’s, but wow.

The purr of Djarin flying in his N-1 brings me back to my childhood. It has the classic Prequels sounds that boast the technology of pre-Empire. Before he can help Boba Fett, he must run one kick errand beforehand. 

Djarin misses his small friend, and as teased in the last episode, he is off to see him and give him his new armor. The beskar will be extremely useful for someone like Grogu because he deals with lightsabers, and besides, Grogu in some beskar armor will be the next hot item of 2022. 

Grogu is still learning the ways of the Force with Luke, who is a pleasant face to see again. His return in The Mandalorian was spectacular, so his appearance in The Book of Boba Fett will be well received. There is not much in the new canon about Luke as a Jedi Master, so it’s exciting to finally see him in this position Especially because the roles are switched from his sessions with Yoda as he trains Grogu. 

The flashback into Grogu’s past was a pretty horrific thing to see. The young Jedi has a lot of trauma that he must figure out how to deal with, but luckily for him, he has Luke there to help him learn to use Force and protect himself. The trauma from his childhood is something that he shares with Djarin, and although neither of them knows it, it can be a reason why they are so connected. 

Ahsoka, Luke, Grogu, Cobb Vanth, and even R2-D2 all making an appearance in this show helps bring the entire Galaxy and collection of shows together. The web is coming together very nicely, and it is showing a very detailed and well-thought-out overarching plot for the Star Wars franchise. One might say that it is like poetry; it rhymes. 

It turns out that Djarin’s journey and relationship with Grogu are far more emotional than we may have thought. The heartbreak of their separation in the Season 2 finale was a very painful thing to watch, and those same feelings returned as we, unfortunately, saw Djarin have to deliver the armor without seeing him. 

Luke’s teachings are very similar to Yoda’s. It’s only natural because he was the one who had trained him, but it is beautiful to see the ways of the Force, as Yoda saw it, passed to another member of his species. Their training contained a lot of Original Trilogy music. It helped make the training scenes more vibrant and connected with Luke’s. The music from both eras of the films is blended beautifully in this show.

Grogu is beginning to look like Yoda as he hops around the rocks. His mobility is becoming impressive, and with that, he becomes more independent. His abilities in the Force have improved since the last we saw him. The progress is exciting to see, and so are Luke’s teachings. 

Ahsoka delivered the armor for Djarin. It left Luke wondering what to do next. He can tell that Grogu has a deep bond with Djarin, and it’s interfering with his training in the Force. As Luke mentioned, he is curious if his heart is in it. 

Back to Tatooine

Djarin is now free to help Boba out with what needs to be done. The storm is brewing, and with the Pyke leader now off-world, war is coming soon. With Djarin and Krrsantan, Boba has the muscle he needs to be more intimidating, but he still needs an army to fight against the Pykes. 

Freetown is the place to look. Djarin had fought against a Krayt Dragon with the townsfolk, so he knows they are solid fighters. He can offer them plenty of credits to bring some wealth into the town, but it may take some convincing on Vanth’s part to get them to fight. 

Another familiar face? The live-action debut of the cowboy from The Clone Wars, Cad Bane. His face is a bit heavier than I expected to see, but his red eyes and sharp teeth had a strong effect. Cad Bane is one of the quickest guns in the entire Galaxy, and after Vanth was distracted by his deputy, he stood no chance. Employed by the Syndicate, Bane was sent to put a stop to Vanth. 

Bane may not realize it, but that attack may be the fire that kickstarts the vengeance from the people of Freetown. They love their Marshal and he’s done a fantastic job keeping them safe. 

The Syndicate is looking to take control of Tatooine, and they don’t care who gets in their way. Small towns like Mos Espa or new bosses like Boba don’t have the means necessary to take out the Syndicate. But when they band together, that will be an entirely different story. They need to realize they have strength in numbers, something Boba learned with the Tuskens. 

The bombing at The Sanctuary was a direct attack on Boba’s territory, and with that, the war for Tatooine has started.

A Big Choice

After the bombing in the cantina, we are taken back to Grogu making the biggest choice of his life. Does he take the armor and return to Djarin and become a Mandalorian? Or will he take Yoda’s lightsaber and embrace the ways of the Force? 

It looks like we won’t know until next week.

I Have Spoken

Dave Filoni has done an incredible job with Chapter 6. There were so many of his characters that Filoni is the only one who could direct an episode like this. And it has got to be one of his best episodes for the franchise yet. Where to begin? The teachings of Luke Skywalker, Djarin’s connection with Grogu, Ahsoka’s history with the Skywalkers, Cad Bane’s live-action debut, the Space-Western drama on Tatooine, and all the emotions in this episode were captured perfectly. Wow. They crammed a lot into this episode, and they did it well. 

What are your thoughts on this episode? What do you think Grogu will choose? Comment below or on the Facebook page! 

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