The Book of Boba Fett Is Right On Track And Here’s Why

Fans have mixed feelings about The Book of Boba Fett, one of the most highly anticipated series to hit Disney+. According to Forbes, the show has the worst ratings than any of the other Star Wars or Marvel shows to hit the streaming service, so it is fair to say that it has left some feeling disappointed. It’s not the action they expected to see from Boba Fett, and when comparing it to The Mandalorian, the pace is much different. But that may be the issue as fans compare it to The Mandalorian.

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand

The Book of Boba Fett may be a spin-off, but the reality is, the show could not be more different than Din Djarin’s journey. Boba Fett has found a new role as Daimyo, a static position of leadership and control. Din Djarin is a bounty hunter, where the only consistency is the inconsistency. The nature of his job is to travel the Galaxy, especially after he snatched Grogu from the client and found himself on the run from the Imperial Remnants. Djarin’s mission was to find and deliver Grogu to his kind, while Fett’s mission is to build a family to replace Jabba. 

Djarin and Fett have two entirely different roles in the Galaxy, and although Fett may have been a bounty hunter in the past, the show has made it very clear that his past is far behind him. The flashbacks of the first few episodes have shown his transition from bounty hunter to Daimyo. And not your average Daimyo, one that intends to rule with respect. An entirely new dynamic from what the Hutts have offered for generations. 

Fett had learned the value of a tribe, how important others are to success, and the bonds that follow it. The tragedy in the Sarlacc had taught him a valuable lesson, the role of a bounty hunter may get him paid, but it cannot buy him loyalty and people he can rely on, something that he tried to share with Black Krrsantan when he spared his life. 

This has shown immense growth in Boba Fett’s character. The flashbacks hint at how lonely his childhood was, Jango was constantly on missions leaving him behind on Kamino, and after his death, he lost the only guidance he had in life was lost. The loss of his father had a strong effect on him, so the tribe aspect that he is now embracing is giving him a family dynamic, something that he intends to protect with his life. 

The relationship between him and Fennec Shand is evidence of this notion. He’s expressed his intent to protect her as long as she returns the favor. He took some punks off the streets and gave them a home and job. He spared Black Krrsantan’s life, so now he may have found some muscle there. He followed Djarin to the ends of the Galaxy to get Grogu back, and through that, he’s made another strong relationship. 

It looks like a few near-death experiences in the deserts of Tatooine will change a person. 

So, when fans compare this show to The Mandalorian, they are doing themselves an injustice. The two shows are entirely different, and they should be. Two back-to-back live-action bounty hunter shows would have overdone the idea. They had to change the direction of Fett’s life, and this is the most fitting. It’s about time Fett becomes the boss, above the bounty hunters, and above someone like Karga. 

As one of the most iconic characters to come out of the franchise, it seems only fitting for him to assume the role as a leader and become the Daimyo of Tatooine, the planet that started it all. The pace of this show is fitting to establish all these changes to Fett. If they were to dive right into the action of Tatooine, underground politics, and Fett as Daimyo fans would be confused how he got there. 

The build-up has also created more depth to the franchise. We have now seen an extremely fleshed-out Tusken Raider culture on full display. We’ve seen the spice runners and the background they have with Fett and the Dune Sea, and we’ve also seen the other Hutts and their lust for more control, yet their fear of the Pykes. 

The first season of The Book of Boba Fett may seem slow, but it has made strides in world-building, character development, and establishing a strong base for the plot to build on; fans should be excited to see where the show is heading and what it can bring. 

Boba Fett and his guards

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