The Book of Boba Fett Is Adding A Lot of Depth to Star Wars

The premiere of The Book of Boba Fett had revealed a new chapter for the iconic character as he is now going to take over the Star Wars underground with the help of his sidekick, Fennec Shand. In the premiere, fans were introduced to the new setting, Jabba’s Palace, Tatooine, post-Empire, and a power vacuum that Boba hopes to seize. He is unlike Jabba or Fortuna and is a far more capable fighter. 

Watching Boba Fett’s rise to the top of the crime world will be a fascinating aspect of the story to see, but the attention to detail in the premiere had teased what may be to come. And that is the growth of the Star Wars universe, as it links past and present while fleshing out more characters and species. 

Shand and Boba Fett

As the episodes carried on viewers were thrown off with the pace of each episode. It is much different than The Mandalorian, and it is different due to the nature of the plot. A bounty hunter on the run from the remnants of the Empire versus Boba’s new profession as Daimyo. He naturally remains more static, and it becomes unnecessary to make runs across the galaxy and get into petty gunfights. 

The sophisticated role that he has now embraced calls for a more relaxed demeanor and way of doing things. The Hutts don’t go around slashing necks; they send goons like Black Krrsantan to do the dirty work. Boba Fett doesn’t have the muscle he needs to get away with things like this yet. He could send Shand, but she’s far too valuable an asset to risk. 

Chapter 4 threw in a familiar face as Peli Motto was in the background of a shot, but Chapter 5 put Din Djarin in the spotlight as the crossover featured his adventures now that he no longer has Grogu. The expansion of Boba’s journey and having him cross paths with Djarin once again helps to reinforce how connected the universe actually is. A very famous saying is, “it’s a small world,” so why wouldn’t that apply to the Star Wars universe? They even included one of the New Republic pilots from The Mandalorian. As seen in The Clone Wars, the galaxy is a lot more connected than expected.

The “Small World” Effect

World-building becomes more real when backgrounds, cities, characters, and events connect. These shows are actively embracing the real-life aspect of story-telling by including intricately woven plots that rely on other characters from other properties of the universe for them to successfully unfold. Real-life is complex; there are many different factors that drive people to make their everyday decisions. Now, we are watching these shows embrace a more dynamic approach. 

And that approach gives the plot lines, character arcs, and events more depth. As the pace begins to build for The Book of Boba Fett, fans can look forward to seeing a more fleshed-out universe. From the inner workings of Jabba’s Palace to the politics of the crime world, this show is adding more to what fans have loved since 1977. 

Expanding on a property that fans have had a connection to for generations isn’t an easy task. Especially when it is centered around one of the most iconic characters to come out of the Original Trilogy. The reality of creating a show about an iconic character has proven to be difficult, each fan has their version of Boba Fett in their heads, and for most fans, that version has been there their entire lives. They certainly won’t be able to please everyone, but who can? 

Overall, the first season of The Book of Boba Fett has introduced many different aspects of the universe and fleshed out many of the familiar ones. The Tusken Raiders are now seen as a vivid culture and recognized as a complex people. Gamorreans have proven to be loyal, hard workers. The Hutts are powerful and lazy but very smart. The Pykes are a very influential organization and one that has a grip on many Daimyos around the galaxy. 

And how about Boba’s biker gang? The tech’d out teens that rode bright-colored speeders with plenty of aftermarket upgrades. These characters received a lot of backlash, but they were an important addition to the show. Have you ever put real thought into what the not-so-bad kids do around Tatooine? Probably not. 

XJ-6 Speeder

These guys aren’t going around setting fire to homes or Tosche station; they only got in trouble because the water merchant jacked up the prices. They aren’t really thugs, just a couple of backwater kids who are trying to look like the locals on Coruscant and other city-planets that lead the status quo. It shows a speeder-bike culture thrives, similar to that found in our society. I’ve seen some badass bright-colored Harleys, Mustangs, and Lamborghinis. 

Although the show has not successfully caught the attention of every fan, plenty can agree that The Book of Boba Fett has offered plenty to the Star Wars franchise. This first season is laying the foundation for what is to come. 

We couldn’t just dive into Boba becoming a Daimyo that rules with respect. Fans wouldn’t know how one of the galaxy’s most dangerous bounty hunters got to that point. The flashbacks, the journey, and the trials all helped to introduce a new Boba Fett, one that has grown into a much wiser man. 

With that understanding of Boba’s transition into a more peaceful person, we can dive into how he plans to take control of the crime world. He still has to build his enforcers, who to trust, and find his friends. It has been years since he was one of the top killers in the galaxy.

Season Two has a lot of potential. With Boba established as this new Daimyo, the show can feature as much action as The Mandalorian while blending as much politics as the Sequels. As soon as his issues with the Pykes are cleaned up, he may have more freedom in leaving the planet and enforcing his rule in other parts of the galaxy. 

Until then, fans can look forward to Boba Fett riding a Rancor. It was teased a few months before the premiere, and Boba had told the Rancor keeper he plans to do it. 

Boba and Rancor

The show’s first season will run for seven total episodes. Five are down, and two remain. Djarin will be there to help Boba, but first, he has got to visit a friend. Perhaps we’ll see Grogu and Luke in The Book of Boba Fett, as well. Grogu in armor will be miraculous, and if Djarin did, somehow, take him back, the palace could be a potential haven for him. 

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