The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 2 “The Tribes of Tatooine” Review

A new step in Boba’s journey has finally arrived as we head into chapter two of Disney+’s new show, The Book of Boba Fett. The first episode had received mixed reviews, but fans look forward to the season to come. Chapter two dives right into the excitement of Boba’s role as Daimyo of Mos Espa. 

The Prisoner

Last week, we left off with a bit of a cliff-hanger. We never found out who the assassin was and who sent him, but, this week, we get our answer. The assassin comes from one of the most elite and legendary guilds in the galaxy. He belongs to the Order of the Night Wind. He comes from an extremely expensive assassins guild that hosts highly trained warriors who infamously stay quiet, even under torture.

Assassin watching the Rancor’s gate rise

Most would have trouble getting one of these men to talk, but luckily for Boba, he has some of Jabba’s old tricks up his sleeve. One of which, the Rancor pit. This was an exciting callback to Return of the Jedi, where Luke fought the vicious beast. The fierce assassin knew he stood no chance against such a beast and ratted out his employer within seconds of watching the gate rise. But was he honest? 

The Mayor

After the lack of gifts from the mayor, and well, vice versa, there is some awkward tension between him and Boba Fett. The assassin just made things worse, but after watching the mayor kill him within seconds of him entering the room, things had settled. Slightly. But the mayor did offer some answers, again, only slightly. He sent Boba to Garsa’s Sanctuary, where Boba seems to learn most of his information. 

That is where Boba learned of the Twins’ claim to Jabba’s old territory. They are the Hutt bosses of Nal Hutta and believe that they lay claim to Mos Espa. They are a pair of Hutts who have a terrifying Wookiee enforcer, known as Black Krrsantan. The massive Wookiee bounty hunter is from the Star Wars comics and just made his live-action debut, and it was just as intense as fans dreamed. 

Black Krrsantan

The smooth-talking Boba Fett got the Twins out of Mos Espa for now, but they will return and with a vengeance. The writers did not just tease Krrsantan. We will most definitely see him in action at some point.

A Warrior’s Trial

Boba Fett’s new role in the Tusken Raider tribe helped to further his position as a legendary warrior. He’s trained in their ways of fighting with the staff and also picked up the sign language used to communicate.

He had grown to mean something to the tribe, and they meant something to him. They were not only his key to survival, but they taught him the skills necessary to survive alone in the desert. If it weren’t for the Tusken Raiders and what they had done for him, then Boba Fett would not be the Daimyo of Mos Espa. 

The connection that he created with the tribe had caused the incident with the sand train to be so hard on him. The pain of watching his new friends die had lit the fire that would inspire him to steal speeders and teach a tribe of sand people how to ride them.

Boba Fett teaching Tusken Raiders how to drive

The training sequence was both humorous and exciting to watch. The Tusken Raiders are far more complex of fighters and thinkers than fans initially thought, and seeing how quickly they can learn this new skill had put their complexity on full display. 

The Great Train Hijack

Now, this drove straight into the genre of Space Western. The hijacking of the train was a spectacular trial for Boba to undergo. The chaos that the train operators wreaked on the inhabitants of the Dune Sea was widely unnecessary. Boba Fett sought to put an end to it, and through the help of the Raiders and the speeders, he was able to accomplish that task. 

The Great Train Robbery: Boba Fett Style

It was an action-packed sequence that showed how well the Tusken Raiders can fight. Boba, along with the help of the best fighters of the tribe, were unstoppable against the spice runners. But, what really stood out the most in all of it was when Boba spared their lives for the Tusken Raiders to receive payment for them to pass through their ancestral lands.

Boba has truly become one with the tribe. He gifted them the end of the terror of the train, everything aboard that train, and future payments from the spice runners to pass through the Dune Sea. His generosity did not go unnoticed either. 

The Ceremony

The Tusken Raiders have been fleshed out even further than fans had ever imagined. Boba Fett’s generosity and bravery when he stopped the spice train had gotten the attention of the leader of the tribe. He gifted Boba Fett an extremely high honor. The gift was an ancient, ritualistic journey through the desert with a lizard guide, one that will lead him to self-discovery. 

The lizard crawled inside of Boba’s head and guided him on a spiritual trip through the desert, where we saw some of his most vulnerable moments. The terror of the Sarlacc, the loneliness of his childhood, and the trials he faces in the present. In the end, Boba literally breaks free of these bonds and returns to the tribe with a stick in hand.

The trip in the desert was followed by a ceremony where Boba received robes from the tribe. The ceremony put the Tusken Raiders on full display, as it added so much depth to their culture, the way they do things, and the meaning behind the robes and different colors. Boba had proven himself a warrior and received black robes. 

Boba’s new robes

The stick he returned with will be his new Gaffi stick, the weapon of choice for Tusken Raiders. Boba went through the entire process of carving the wood, engraving a pattern, and hardening the wood through the heat of the fire. It was an intricate process that he got to experience firsthand.

I Have Spoken 

Overall, this episode was an incredible addition to the story. 

Understanding Boba’s background and the journey between Return of the Jedi and now helps to highlight different aspects of his personality in the present and answer the lingering questions on how he survived the desert for so long. The relationship that Boba has created with the Tusken Raiders will certainly be advantageous in the future, as he tries to earn the respect he needs to be the new Daimyo. 

The Tusken Raiders are an incredible species, one of the first-ever seen in the Star Wars universe, and now, one of the more complex. They are expert survivalists, fighters, and quick learners. Their senses are finely tuned to survive in the harsh climate of the Dune Sea and the Jundland Wastes. The Book of Boba Fett has added more complexity to a truly fascinating species.

Tusken Raider

This episode also finally answered the questions we’ve all been dying to know. 

Tusken Raiders survive off of the milk from the black melons they find in the sand. Sometimes there is water found inside, but it is mostly the milk of the melons. Some have commented on the foul taste of the milk, like Ben Kenobi and Cobb Vanth. 

What did you think of this latest episode? How did you feel about the mayor or the Twins? Do you like seeing the flashbacks into Boba’s past?

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