The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 7 “In The Name of Honor” Finale Review

The finale to The Book of Boba Fett has arrived. With only seven episodes, this show seemed to go by quickly. There was a lot to cover in those episodes. From his survival in the desert to building an army, Boba was up to a lot. The show had received a mixed reception by fans, but overall, it’s done a great job creating a wiser Boba Fett. 

The Damage

Garsa’s Sanctuary got bombed in the last episode, and we start with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand investigating the damage. Fett expresses his concerns that there might not be much of the city left after the big fight. And those are some pretty valid concerns. There was nothing left of Garsa’s Sanctuary, and it gave Fett a glimpse into how much damage the Pyke’s can create. Although this might be his town, the Pykes have the resources to afford expensive weapons. 

With Djarin’s return comes some hope that Fett will have a small army to help fight off the Pykes, but before Vanth could convince the town, he was gunned down by Cad Bane. The blast was to the shoulder, so there is a good chance he lived, but we don’t know the response of the town.

We can only hope this lights the fire under Freetown to stand up to the Pykes and get rid of spice on their planet for good. 

Bane returned to his employers, Moz Shaiz and the Pykes. This is where we learned about the Pykes killing off the Fett’s Tusken Raider tribe. Bane was worried that Fett knew about this but was assured that he took his revenge on some Nikto bikers. With that information, Bane’s mind began to brew a plan.

The history between Cad Bane and Boba Fett will give an edge to the Pykes. Bane knew Fett when he was only a boy, so he was still immature and had a lot to learn; from that, Bane has learned how to manipulate him and use his emotions against him. Fett has come a long way since then, but Bane may be able to pull on those strings to manipulate Fett. 

Return of The Jedi

Grogu has returned to Tatooine to see his dad with R2-D2 as his escort. Interestingly, Luke didn’t take Grogu himself. R2 is the most trustworthy astromech in the entire Galaxy, but you’d think he would like to see a member of Yoda’s species delivered safely, with his own eyes. Maybe Luke doesn’t know the rarity of his species? 

Peli Motto has a great relationship with both Grogu and Djarin, so he’s in good hands for now. It’s nice to know that the Empire isn’t actively hunting him right now. Or are they? 

The Plan

With all their flanks covered, it appears that Fett is in good standing to wait for the attack. But with Bane on their side, mind games will be played, and definitely before any shots are fired. He knows Fett’s weak points and how emotional he can become. The Clone Wars had many examples of this and Bane hoped to play on that. It would have worked if it weren’t for Shand calming him down. 

The issue with that is now the attack has begun. With traps laid everywhere, Fett’s fighters are sitting ducks to the locals who betrayed their agreement with Fett. The Gammorreans had gotten it the worst and were quickly pushed off the cliff. Krrsantan, unfortunately, got the Trandoshan district and had to fight the species he hates the most.

Shand’s legendary aim allowed the bikers to make it out alive, but not before Krrsantan got swarmed by Trandoshan slime. I’ve got a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him. There is no way Krrsantan of all Wookiees would allow himself to die at the hands of Trandoshans. 

The Negotiation

Fett writes very eloquently. His negation seemed fair and reasonable. With jetpacks and beskar, it looks like a two-man army may be enough to put up a fight. Djarin and Fett are some of the best fighters in the Galaxy. They’ve both got enough gadgets to help fight off a good number of Pykes, but there are too many. 

Just as things looked dark, the people of Freetown came to help. Their tank had saved the day for Djarin and Fett and gave them some cover. They mentioned to Djarin how upset they were about Vanth and Bane’s stand-off. “Shot down in cold blood,” the Weequay bartender said. 

The planet certainly deserves better, and Bane should have known that gunning down the Marshal that allowed for a town to change their name to “Freetown” would light a fire under them. They earned that name, and they do not intend on losing it. 

It looks like all that experience fighting in the pits did pay off in the end. Krrsantan came running in, throwing Pykes like stones. The Wookiee had a bad limp but refused to give up. It was a relief to see that he survived. 

Spice Money

Spice money can apparently afford droidekas on crack. These massive droids are a real threat to the Fett’s fight for Mos Espa. Fett’s missile and Djarin’s darksaber can’t even pierce the force fields around them. The droids can easily level the entire city if they can’t find a way to stop them. 

Energy weapons? Too much velocity? Weapons really are the religion of Din Djarin.

What Now?

The fight isn’t looking too good for Fett, but he’s got one more trick up his sleeve. For the rest of the fighters, they’ll need to figure out how to make a stand until Fett can return. Krrsantan made a solid effort trying to penetrate the force field, but the droid knew where it was coming from and kicked him away. 

While Djarin tried to protect the city and evade getting vaporized, Motto showed up with a nice little surprise. It probably wasn’t the best time, considering the all-out war and cracked-out droidekas, also known as Scorpenek droids, but, Grogu was so happy to see Djarin that amidst the chaos, it was a very precious moment to see them reunited. Especially now that Grogu can force jump up to him.

It looks like Peli Motto’s blaster is an ion blaster. The weapon of choice for the Jawas. I wonder if it was a gift from her boyfriend. 

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Scorpenek droids won’t stand a chance against one of the biggest beasts on Tatooine. Boba’s pet rancor looks like the only thing strong enough to knock those droids around. The only issue is getting shot at point-blank. Hopefully, his hide is strong enough to survive the blasts. 

And it is. The beast was happy to tear the droid in half, and he even waited for Fett to permit him. Grogu found the weak spot on the droid, one of the ball joints that allows the legs to balance. He used the Force to save his dad, and it showed how much stronger he’s become. It looks like he can channel his energy and focus harder than before. 

The fighters on the other side of the city seem to have things under control. They’ve got a good plan put together. Just as things began to roll out, Fett joined the party with his escort. The psycho-killer rancor. Can you think of a better weapon to use to defend a city against giant droids with force fields?

It was fantastic to see the rancor’s rampage and see what makes this beast so terrifying. The one in Jabba’s basement was frightening, but we only got to see it in a basement. This time, we can actually see the distance of how far he can throw a Pyke. He even got a snack amidst the chaos, and let’s be honest, we Star Wars fans love seeing the bad guys get eaten alive. 

One Last Stand

Cad Bane is too cool to be afraid of rancors. He wants to face Fett head to head. They’ve known each other almost Fett’s entire life, and they both know Bane can manipulate him. His acknowledgment of that showed a lot of growth to his character, he knows how unpredictable he once was, but after a long career, Fett has perfected the patience he needs to kill someone like Cad Bane. It’s just up to Fett to keep him out of his head. 

Bane is still the fastest gun in the Galaxy. Although Fett may feel confident with his armor, Bane knows where to shoot. He dropped Fett, and it looked like it was all over for him. That is until he took advantage of an opening and used the Gaffi stick to take down Bane and pin him. 

With one last effort, Bane tried to cook Fett. He blocked it, and Fett finally killed the notorious Cad Bane. He was the only one who could do it, and it needed to be done. With the death of Cad Bane, Fett can close that chapter of the past for good.

A Rancor Is On the Loose

Fett’s team tried to shoot the rancor once they saw it on the loose, but Djarin noticed it was only scaring him. He tried to wrangle the beast, but because he isn’t the one who imprinted on the rancor he couldn’t. After a few moves, the beast threw Djarin to the ground, where Grogu jumped in for the save again. 

He used the Force to put the beast to sleep and then quickly curled up to nap alongside him. Grogu is one powerful being. 

And with that, the people of Mos Espa and Freetown won the fight for their city. They removed the Pykes and their spice along with them.

Nowhere to Hide

The leader of the Pykes and the rest of the leaders of Mos Espa districts were in Mos Eisley to wait out the war. With the large loss of Pyke soldiers, it seems that they’ve had enough of that planet and plan to leave. The leaders were upset that they planned to “cut and run,” but Shand had a different idea. 

She killed them all in a matter of seconds. They got what was coming. 

I Have Spoken

The finale to The Book of Boba Fett did the show justice. The episode was a good length, and it was a solid conclusion to the Pyke problem and the issue of the planet being under the thumb of the spice industry. Fett successfully freed the people from that tyranny and got closure with Bane. But now that they can holster their guns, what is there for him to do?

He expressed that he doesn’t know if this may be the career for him and Shand. Does he really fit the role as Daimyo? He’s a fair ruler, but it seems like it may not be Boba’s style. Perhaps we will see in the future. 

Season 2 has not been confirmed. Temura Morrison had stated that he hopes to hunt down Mace Windu for Season 2. So, it looks like he’s more than willing to return. What direction do you think the show will take if they make another season?

Djarin and Grogu are off the explore the Galaxy together. He fits nicely in his modded astromech pod and has a 360 view, so he really can’t complain. It looks like he gets a kick out of the thrusters on the N-1. Grogu seems to be a fan of this new ship. It may not be as roomy as the Razorcrest, but at least it’s quick. 


The post-credits scene didn’t tease a new season or a new show like The Mandalorian‘s may have, but it did confirm one thing. Cobb Vanth is still alive. He is recovering in Boba’s bacta tank, and the cybernetic doctor, Thundercat, is preparing to do some work on him. It looks like he’ll be making a Shand-esque recovery. It’s nice to know the Marshal made it out alive. 

What are your thoughts on the finale? Do you hope to see more? Comment below or on the Facebook page! 

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