Who The Force Is That?! Garsa Fwip

Hello and welcome to the newest addition to “Who the Force is That?” This week’s episode will look at the beautiful Garsa Fwip, a Twi’lek Cantina owner played by Jennifer Beals. Her character was introduced in The Book of Boba Fett and was well received by fans. Garsa Fwip is the owner of Sanctuary, a cantina in Mos Espa. 

The character came into the story as Fett explored his new territory. Garsa is a local on Tatooine, where she resides in Mos Espa. She runs “Grass’s Sanctuary,” a more luxurious looking cantina. Fett promised his protection for her business and that he would assure longevity. She took it well, and from there, Fett and Garsa had a good relationship. When the twins attempted to move into Fett’s territory she was the one who gave him a warning. 

Garsa’s personality is as elegant as the way she dresses. The way she moves and talks is very welcoming and fits the hospitality of a more luxurious cantina owner. Her encounter with Krrsantan, as she tried to stop any bloodshed within her establishment, showed how well she keeps her cool in high-pressure situations. Krrsantan, a well-known savage killer, is a threatening being to have to try and control already, but Garsa did what she could to relax him. Especially in a situation with a Wookie and a Trandoshan. If you didn’t know, they hate each other as Trandoshans have a long history of hunting Wookies for their pelts and selling them into slavery. Garsa’s efforts didn’t work, but she tried. 

It appears that her Star Wars career didn’t last too long. Chapter 6 of The Book of Boba Fett had ended with a bombing attack at Garsa’s Sanctuary. Some Pykes had come in and left a camtono and just as she noticed the abandoned device, it exploded and wreaked havoc within her establishment. It was a direct attack on Fett’s territory, and the beautiful Madam Garsa had unfortunately got caught in the crossfire.

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