Does Mando’s N-1 Mean He’s Given Up Bounty Hunting?

New ship, who dis?

Chapter 5 of The Book of Boba Fett had blown fans away with the surprise return of Din Djarin, the man who is The Mandalorian. He was the star of this episode, with absolutely no Boba featured at all. The stolen spotlight was received very well by fans, and they loved every minute of our knight in shining armor. 

The Book of Boba Fett had caught us up to what Djarin has been doing since giving Grogu to Luke in The Mandalorian Season 2 finale. He was still doing his bounty hunter things, running missions, and doing jobs, but this time it was more for information than money. We saw that he had found his covert and even got Grogu a piece of Mandalorian armor. But, after the truth about Djarin’s helmet coming off was revealed, he lost his place in the Mandalorian covert, and in the eyes of the Armorer, he is no longer a Mandalorian.

Djarin, Vizsla, Armorer

So, What Is A Non-Mandalorian In Mandalorian Armor To Do? 

Well, first things first, he needs a new ship to get around the Galaxy. Lucky for him, he made a good friend on Tatooine. Peli Motto had found Mando a nice starfighter to replace his gunship. But, the main issue is the gunship had the space necessary for Mando to be a bounty hunter. 

There was the locker of weapons. The onboard carbon freezing chamber. The carbonite block holders. I mean, he even had a toilet on board. It was a dream ship for a bounty hunter. The N-1 can’t offer any of that. Maybe he can rig a new weapons locker, but he’ll need to get out of his ship to access it, and that’s no good. 

His connection to Grogu is still very strong. He misses his little friend and after so much bonding, it only makes sense. Mando wants to see him at least one more time, but due to the nature of Jedi training, he couldn’t. Ahsoka Tano was the one who had to deliver the beskar armor Djarin had made for him.

Chapter 6 had ended with a cliffhanger; will Grogu take the beskar armor, or will he take the lightsaber and embrace the ways of the Jedi? Djarin had brought the gift he had the Armorer make for him, but he could not personally deliver it. Now, Grogu has an important choice to make and one that will change the course of his life. Luke had told him that a short time for him maybe a lifetime, so it may be his safest bet to go with Djarin, considering Luke’s lost academy. 

So, What Does This Mean For Mando’s Future? 

Does this mean that he will abandon his life as a bounty hunter and embrace his role as the leader of Mandalore? Was the N-1 Disney’s way of telling us to expect a new direction for Djarin in Season 3? Will Grogu reunite with the man with who he has the strongest bond? 

There is a very good chance that may be the case. Djarin has the speed to get around the Galaxy, find more Mandalorians, and rebuild Mandalore to what it once was. He has connections with Bo-Katan, so he technically has a political advisor; if she doesn’t kill him for the blade first. He has the Darksaber, the item that gives him a right to rule. It feels that the show is shifting gears and heading in a different direction.

The Armorer and Paz Vizsla may no longer seem Djarin as a Mandalorian, but he expressed that he was more than willing to do what it takes to become one again. They could help reestablish Mandalore to what it was in the past. Or make it even better, something like a mix between Bo-Katan’s lax attitude and the Armorer’s strict adherence to the code. 

Din Djarin

Perhaps Season 3 of The Mandalorian will include that adventure. 

What are your thoughts about where Djarin’s journey will take him? His new ship fits the personality of a leader, not a bounty hunter. Comment down below or on the Facebook page! 

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