New Star Wars: Hunters Trailer Debuts Characters

Star Wars: Hunters is a new video game coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile in 2022. This game will pit players against each other in an arena to duke it out in real-time battles. There will be different arena settings inspired by the Star Wars universe and incorporate some of the locations and details we already know. The fights will all take place on the planet Vespaara, as the trailer gave us a side view of the arena map, with a Hutt ship hovering overhead. 

This fast-paced game is set after the fall of the Galactic Empire. Players will get to choose from bounty hunters, heroes of the rebellion, or holdouts of the Empire. This new trailer has introduced us to some of those characters from each of the categories. The Mandalorian character is Aran Tal, the Wookiee is Grozz, and the two Jawa characters are known as Utooni, a very clever name. The robot Jedi also has a clever name, going by J-3DI. The veteran of the Rebel Alliance is Zaina, Sentinel is the Imperial remnant trooper, Slingshot is the character who modified a droideka, Imara Vex is the unique looking bounty hunter, and Rieve is the dark side warrior. 

The multiplayer game will release in 2022. It is developed by Zynga and will be free to download for Nintendo Switch, on the App Store, and Google Play. 

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