The Mandalorian Trailer Breakdown II

The newest trailer for the Star Wars T.V. show, The Mandalorian has released with about two weeks left until the premiere of the show on Disney+. A nice expansion on the Star Wars movies and the trilogy, the show will be an exciting new story for us to follow. It had recycled some footage we’ve already seen in the first trailer, but it gave us a bunch of new looks at who the Mandalorian is and his journey through the galaxy. We got glimpses at some fight scenes, some intimate moments between the characters, and the whole stage of how the Star Wars galaxy is set after the revolution.

Scene from Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN.

The trailer opens up with a shot we’ve already seen, but with Werner Herzog’s voice over it. He’s asking pretty much what he asked him in the first trailer, but with a little more dialogue. It seems that the two will have some sort of relationship. Herzog’s character looks like he’s in a position of power and he will be an antagonist for the show.

Ugnauts riding Blurrgs in the new Mandalorian trailer

Here we have the Ugnaught, Kuuil riding a Blurrg with the Mandalorian. It looks like they’ll be working together in this show and that Ugnaught will be a bounty hunter alongside the Mandalorian. This is probably the same Ugnaught and the two Blurrgs we saw in the first trailer so that answers that he’ll be a friend rather than foe. 

Mandalorian fighting

Here’s a glimpse at what the fight scenes will probably look like in the new show. He looks like he’s fighting off some Trandoshans here and his skills are impressive. In Game of Thrones, Pascal’s fight scene was fantastic and he really showed some skill in his scene, although in the show he had an unfortunate death, we can’t deny he was one of the most impressive and flashy fighters. Seeing his gun with stun component is rad, he’s completely decked out with tools and gadgets.

Here’s a glimpse of what we can assume is the Mandalorian’s personal carbonite freezing chamber, probably aboard his ship. He doesn’t have the Slave I, but with all his gadgets I feel it’s safe to assume that his ship will have all the bells and whistles it needs to make him the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy. This Star Wars story will hopefully blow minds.

The Mandalorian unloading cargo

The Mandalorian unloading cargo on an uknown world. He’s heading into town and there are a few ships around him, so this must be some sort of pit stop similar to Mos Eisely. He’s infamous and as the trailer continues you can see everyone stopping to stare at him. Probably because that armor is so well known around the galaxy.

Storm troopers and the Mandalorian with Werner Herzog's character.

Okay, I really like this scene. The way the door opens, the way the stormtroopers slowly turn around and look at him. They’re the henchmen for Herzog’s character so it shows he’s still going to be apart of the Empire or whatever may be left. He gives the Mandalorian a target to track down and the tracking FOB and the last 4 digits of the 8-digit code, but it’s 50-years old. So, this means this person must have lived through just about all of it, including the invasion of Naboo in the Phantom Menace. He gives him a piece of Beskar, the Mandalorian alloy his armor is made of. It’s rare and expensive, so that goes to show the wealth and power Herzog’s character has.

Here’s a scene that show’s why that Beskar is so valuable and how effective it is. I mean c’mon, we finally have a stormtrooper that hits his target and it just bounces off like nothing. No disrespect to my man Boba Fett, he did escape the Sarlacc Pit, but this character looks like he really knows how to fight. Everything about this scene is action-packed and super sick. He’s so casual the whole time and it is extremely impressive.

Super battle droids shooting innocent people

This scene is some super battle droids coming through shooting and destroying everything. But what are they doing in this time period of Star Wars? The stormtroopers have been the army of choice for a few decades now. Could this be a flashback? Maybe it relates to this 50-year old target that the Mandalorian will be after. Or has someone gotten their hands on the technology and reversed engineered how they are built? I know I can’t wait to find out.

A new rhino-looking beast in the Mandalorian

This beast looks like the Reek that Anakin had to fight in Attack of the Clones except its much harrier. Favreau promised to connect this show with past Star Wars lore and it looks like he’s keeping that promise. This beast looks like it will put up a fair fight against the Mandalorian. Jango Fett had no problem shooting the last one, so we’ll see how this character handles it and why he’s there wrestling him.

Kuuil with the Mandalorian

Here we have Kuuil patting the Mandalorian on the shoulder, probably after fighting off those Trandoshans, because the landscape in the background looks the same. They’re in the cockpit of the Razorcrest, so they must be pretty close. They look like an unusual team, but as we learned alongside Luke Skywalker, Star Wars is full of surprises as Luke was shocked to learn the crazy old kook act in the Daghoba system was really the wise Jedi Master, Yoda testing him and his patience.

Dogfight in the Mandalorian

Dogfights will be back in The Mandalorian, something that just about every Star Wars character loves. The dogfight between Jango Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi was one of the most legendary in Star Wars and will be exciting to see a new Mandalorian character fly and show off his piloting skills. I wonder if he has a high profile target on his ship and someone wants to get him back or if he’s just trying to escape some enemies.

Greef Carga meeting the mandalorian with his thugs

Here we have Greef Carga walking up to the Mandalorian and his ship as he unloads some cargo, presumably for Carga. The Mandalorian will be working with him and the bounty hunter guild that he runs. He could be the catalyst to the Mandalorian’s career, sending him on all these bounties. In the first trailer, we see Carga give him money, so he’ll be consistently doing some jobs for him. Is the guy in the left behind Carga another Mandalorian? What does his armor look like to you?

The mandalorian and cara dune shaking hands

Cara Dune and the Mandalorian most definitely will be working together. Here we can see them shaking hands, agreeing on a deal, a newly forged friendship, or something. But judging by her smile and his demeanor, it looks like a friendly encounter.

The mandalorian with a possible lover?

The Mandalorian with a possible lover? Her name is Omera and it looks like she will take off his mask this season! There have been tons of rumors circulating that we won’t see his face, but could this be hinting at a reveal? Or could they be just teasing us and making us think we’ll see a glimpse of his identity? Perhaps the character’s identity lies with his armor and there is no reason for him to take it off. It may be what he thinks defines him. A possible inner conflict for the story?

Bill Burr's Mandalorian character in a shootout

Here is our first glimpse at Bill Burr’s face in the trailers. He was seen in the first trailer, but it was just his bald head. Here, we see him guns-a-blazing. He’s got a shoulder blaster, so he looks hi-tech and well-armed. A dangerous character in the universe. In the first trailer, we see him with the Twi’lek and she’s a bounty hunter, so Bill Burr will most likely be as well.

The Mandalorian showing off more of his gadgets. Moff Gideon looks like he’s trying to escape and the Mandalorian is going to let that happen. He’s got his jetpack and grappling hook fastened tightly to Gideon’s tie-fighter. Gideon will probably be one of the main antagonists for the Mandalorian during the show. I can’t wait for this new Star Wars bounty hunter’s story to unfold.

The Mandalorian with his rifle taking aim

“Yeah? Good.” The final shot of the trailer is the Mandalorian taking aim on an unknown target and the dialogue is him responding to Herzog telling him he’s surrounded. He’s a confident fighter and he knows how to use all of his weapons well. The Mandalorian is going to be an exciting new bounty hunter to follow.

The final trailer for the show has built the hype to an all-time high. He’s going to be a relentless killer who’s going to put up a serious fight to any opponent. I wonder if we’ll see similar underground criminal characters like the Jabba the Hutt. A new Mandalorian character in a cleaner set of armor than Boba Fett’s, with a new ship, tons of new gadgets and worlds; Favreau has really set this show up to be successful with tons of things taken for the Star Wars trilogy, prequels, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Only a few more weeks until the release and I know I can’t wait.

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  1. Looks promising still, but I’m not yet convinced that Disney won’t mess it up. 🙂

    His ship BTW, looks very similar to a troop drop ship that’s seen a few times in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Assuming it’s based on that ship / idea, I’d say it’s safe to assume it’s heavily armed and armored at the very least.

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