Who the Force is That?! Gekko The Bounty Hunter

Welcome back to another episode of who the force is that!

Today we are going to take a look at a very cool looking character from The Mandalorian and an even cooler guy who plays the role.

Gekko, the bounty hunter, was seen in the first season of The Mandalorian. He was in the first and third chapters and a part of the bounty hunters guild that Mando was.

He is a very unique looking character and his species is known as Shaaridan. According to the actor who plays him, Dominic Pace, he is ruthless, unapologetic, imposing, and intense, all perfect qualities for a bounty hunter of his status.

He is equipped a heavy blaster that Pace was able to pick out himself. The heavy gauntlets used by his character are similar to the ones worn by the Pyke guards on Kessel in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Pace is an extremely devoted Star Wars fan and has shown it through his social media and the works he’s done around the US. The mayor of Sioux City, Iowa officially named July 18, 2020, Gekko the Bounty Hunter aka Dominic Pace Day.

He is best seen in the shootout between the Mandalorians and the guild, one of the most exciting parts of the first season. Hopefully, we can see some more of this character in season 3 and get to know his backstory a little better.

Thank you guys for reading and remember, Utinni!

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