Who The Force Is That?! Willrow Hood

Hello, and welcome to the first Who the Force is That!? Today, we are going to look at one of the most classic background characters in all of Star Wars.

The first character we are going to look at is Willrow Hood, a background character from The Empire Strikes Back.

This guy is very interesting because of what he is carrying while running for his life. There has been some debate as to what it is, but we can all agree it has sparked something great.

It looks like Mr. Hood is carrying a homemade ice cream maker because no matter where you are in the galaxy, a nice bowl of ice cream is ALWAYS nice.

But, really, it is a Camtono; a device in the Star Wars universe that is a security container. The props team for The Empire Strikes Back must have been feeling really creative with this one, but thanks to The Mandalorian, we got to see the security container up close and personal.

The client gives Mando his payment of Beskar in one of these containers.

Hood’s prop is an unaltered home ice cream maker and until 1997 when he was finally given a name in the Legends Star Wars Customizable Card Game. Until then, he was referred to as the “ice cream guy”, “ice cream maker guy” or “ice cream man.”

He was supposed to appear in the second issue of Star Wars: Shadow of Vader, a five-part comic book miniseries that was to be published by Marvel Comics but was canceled.

When Lando Calrissian called for the residents of the city to escape before the Empire had taken control, we see Hood running and passes by the main characters are who try and escape themselves.

But, unfortunately for Hood, he was still in Cloud City months into the Imperial Blockade. But he seemed to still find comfort, as he was frequently seen at an upper-class lounge owned by Voras the Hutt, leader of the criminal Ivax Syndicate, still with a camtono in his arms.

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