Trailer Released For New Light and Magic Docuseries

This docuseries will dive deep into the Industrial Light and Magic Company, the company that revolutionized the way movies were made, seen, and enjoyed. These pioneers made it so that visual effects would never be the same, as it got bigger and better with each project they worked on, eventually developing some groundbreaking technology.

The trailer was just released by Industrial Light and Magic on YouTube:

The company was founded by George Lucas when he was writing Star Wars. At the time, there was nothing on par with his vision, so he created his own means to accomplish it. In 1975, he founded Industrial Light and Magic. His efforts would eventually produce 16 Oscars and over 350 films, developing the magic behind some blockbuster titles. 

The 6-part docuseries will premiere on Disney+ on July 27th and tell the story of the company that has changed Hollywood, visual effects, and the way people enjoy movies forever. 

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