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The Bad Batch has introduced a new character and friend to The Bad Batch, Cid. She is a Trandoshan who runs Cid’s Parlor, a cantina on Ord Mantell. During the last three years of the Clone Wars and the Galactic Republic, she had worked as an informant broker for the Jedi.

It was through her work with the Republic that Arc Trooper Echo learned her name. Because of her relationship with the Jedi, he knew that she would be an ally, even though he had never met her. It was Omega’s perceptive mind and youthful curiosity that led to her discovering

Cid is a bit rough around the edges, but in her line of work, that sort of personality is required. She has plenty of connections throughout the galaxy, ranging from the Jedi to Crime Lords. As seen with the bad batch, Cid is not intimidated by anyone, so it feels safe to assume that she is well respected in the galactic underworld. I mean, she is someone that Jabba contacted to handle his problem with Muchi.

Talking about Muchi, Cid showed us how smart she is, too. When hiring the bad batch for the job, all she did was tell them they needed to recover a child. If that’s not brilliantly deceptive, then I don’t know what is. I was just as shocked as they were when Muchi was revealed to be the target, but that’s just the great writing of Dave Filoni and the amazing characters that he creates.

I can’t forget to mention how she brilliantly employed Omega to beat everyone on that planet in Dejarik. She helped make enough to get the bad batch out of debt and make Cid a very happy cantina owner. I wonder what the laws are regarding using a child to gamble, but that’s a different story.

Cid holds her position as an important figure in the galactic underworld, still getting information for jobs, bounty hunters, and more. She had employed the bad batch for a few episodes, and there is no doubt that we will get to see more of her.

She’s a great character with a perfect personality for a Trandoshan in the business she is. What do you think of Cid? Drop a comment down below and tell me what you think! Don’t forget to check out the other Who the Force is That articles and videos.

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