The Bad Batch Release Date Announced: May 4th

The Bad Batch is Disney+’s newest Star Wars show planned to premiere on Disney+ on May 4th, with the next episode coming out only 3 days later on the 7th. A perfect way to celebrate Star Wars day, many fans are excited to get started on this series and see just how things began to change as the powers who controlled the Galaxy shifted after the heartbreaking Siege of Mandalore and the finale of The Clone Wars.

The Bad Batch will, of course, follow the Bad Batch as they pick up their new gig as mercenaries after the end of the war. Due to their genetic differences from their clone brothers, they will not be seen as trustworthy soldiers by the new Emperor. It will be exciting to be taken around the galaxy with a new band of characters, each vastly different than the other, they somehow make the perfect team.

The show is produced by the one and only Dave Filoni and so we know that the show will be in good hands. With such a similar art style to The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni’s creation, it will seem like the show will just be a continuation of where we left off. Seeing a different side of the clones, something we got a glimpse of when they turned on the Jedi will be a hard, but very interesting thing to see. They had spent so much time trying to free the galaxy from the oppressive Trade Federation and now they have become the suppressive forces.

The Empire’s propaganda is very powerful and has proven to be extremely effective, just look how the Jedi became some “ancient religion” and almost erased from anyone’s memory after only 18 years after the fall. This will give us an inside look into how the Empire rose through seeing the clones occupy planets and the Bad Batch on their mercenary missions.

Each new episode will premiere on Friday.

What are you looking forward to seeing? Darth Vader? Some of our familiar clones from The Clone Wars? Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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  1. Really can’t wait for this show! Going to be super interesting seeing the clones straight after Order 66, having to deal with the aftermath of the war. I really hope they dive deep into the psychological effects. I think Fennec Shand is also slated to appear, so will be interesting to see how her story unfolds in the timeline well before we meet her in the Mandalorian.

    Lewis @ Jedi Write

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