Who the Force is That?! Jobin Mothma

Hello and welcome to Who the Force Is That? Today, we are going to look at a background character from The Empire Strikes Back.

We are going to look at a background character that we don’t even get to see but has an important role. Jobin is the character to look at. What was his role? He is the character who says, “Imperial Troops have entered the base, Imperial troops have en-“.

This guy is the son of Mon Mothma. He was a corporal in the Rebel Alliance and commanded the 4th Squad on Hoth.

During the Battle of Hoth, when Imperial troops invaded with a surface attack, his platoon set out to assist Ion Control when one of his men noticed Imperial troops approaching from the South Ridge.

His squad was attacked by an AT-ST, but Jobin was able to destroy it with a satchel charge and preceded into the Ion Control center, where he killed a stormtrooper with an icicle, so this guy is super gnarly.
It was Jobin who activated Echo Base’s v-150 anti-orbital ion cannon, which disabled an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer in orbit.

As he and his Squad tried to escape, he was killed by Darth Vader while trying to protect his men. Vader had picked him up with the force and began to choke him out. While doing so he tried to interrogate Jobin, but he stayed strong and did not give out any information.
Vader then snapped his neck.

A sad death, but at least he died at the hands of the gnarliest guy in the galaxy, so that is kind of cool.

Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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