Cufflinks’ New Star Wars Bounty is Better Than Beskar

Finally, Star Wars fans of all kinds can express their love for one of the most influential movie series of all time, but they can do it in serious style. The Bounty Hunters over at Cufflinks have come out with some incredible new pieces for not only the upcoming Fall Season, but they have also joined the lineup for Mando Mondays.

They will feature some exquisite looking pieces for every Monday following the premiere of each episode. From what I have seen, I know that I’m going to want some more. These are some very high-quality pieces that will easily impress anyone anywhere you go.

The Bounty

Cufflinks’ Mandalorian goods are pretty epic. Din Djarin, The Mandalorian himself, would be proud to put these goods on. The first one to look at is “The Mandalorian The Child Lapel Pin”. I know that it’s a lapel pin, but this baby is so classic looking that it can just about anywhere. This bad boy will be coming out shortly after the premiere.

The versatility of these Lapel Pins from Cufflinks is one of a kind. From throwing it on backpacks, hats, shirts, lanyards, and most importantly, the lapel of your suit, you’ll be looking fantastic either way.

When taking a closer look at this pin, you’ll notice some incredible detail. The stars and cosmos behind the child is an addition that makes this piece pop. The child himself has great detail that clearly shows his eyes, ears, mouth, and that adorable little robe he pulls off so well. Mando’s helmet looks like the real deal and I am digging everything about this lapel pin.

Boba Fett

While on the topic of great bounties, the Mandalorian pride doesn’t stop there. Boba Fett, one of the most iconic and mysterious figures in all of cinema has his own line over at Cufflinks. The Boba Fett line looks like something the officials on Mandalore would be proud to wear. From head to toe, Cufflinks has you covered. The Boba Fett socks I picked out were too good to pass up on.

Boba Fett Socks on

That iconic green helmet is absolutely nailed here, and it looks so incredible next to the Mythosaur skull. These two go hand in hand, and it just looks perfect. These are some real soft socks, too. There is no doubt that I would be able to wear these all day.

In preparation for Mando Mondays and the Fall Season, Cufflinks will be releasing a new tie design that is one of my favorite tie designs I have ever seen. It is modern, sleek, and just sexy. The color decisions for this tie is absolutely perfect. The blue and green go together so well that it just adds to that modern, sleek feel. I really cannot get over how great this one looks.

No Disintegrations only A Discount

The great team over at Cufflinks has hooked me up with a discount code for my lovely Jawa friends. So if you like what you see, if anything these catches your eye, or if you just want to head over and see what they have, then please use my discount code “sandcrawler15” to get a nice discount on some incredible pieces. 

I am more than pleased with what I have and to be completely honest, I’ll be looking out for some opportunities to sport this gear ASAP. Cufflinks really have outdone themselves with this one and I can’t wait to see what else will come.

Thank you for reading, please use that discount code, “sandcrawler15”, and remember, utinni!

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