Cufflinks Pays Homage to Our Beloved Empire

With Mando Monday releases making each Monday something to look forward to, Cufflinks has delivered some unbelievably good looking products that show some respect to the Empire, Vader, and the Skywalker legacy.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear some Empire inspired gear that makes your suit absolutely pop. Let everyone know in the office where your loyalty lies, the beloved Empire. No matter the occasion, no matter the reason to dress up, these Empire inspired pieces will always look good.


Darth Vader is known as one of the most ruthless Sith to ever hold a lightsaber. He helped to successfully overthrow the Jedi Order and establish a new order of “peace” across the galaxy. His jet black suit helped to make his appearance even more intimidating, but it also helps to bring your outfit together and absolutely pop.

The Darth Vader cufflinks are something else. These pieces are inspired by the most vicious Sith in the galaxy and come in an incredible box. The detail on his helmet really stands out and the shine is unbelievable.

Start your path down the dark side and explore some abilities that some may consider to be unnatural. Those abilities being impeccable style.

How could things get better? Well, a matching tie that helps to bring the outfit together. The Darth Vader inspired tie has a great modern feel to it while providing such a great look at such a classic character.

The Darth Vader Lightsaber Striped tie inspires a look that will strike fear into the heart of your enemies and let everyone know that you have style. The tie feels absolutely incredible, the red lightsabers help to make it pop, but in a nice, subtle way. The designers over at cufflinks must have tapped into the power of the darkside because the sleek style doesn’t stop there.

To stay on the theme of one of the greatest villains in all of Cinema and the incredible black and red color scheme, Cufflinks has provided us some incredible-looking socks that go extremely well with the tie and the cufflinks. The colors here are incredible, Vader’s helmet looks fantastic AND the socks are some of the softest I’ve ever felt.

But the glory in the socks doesn’t stop there. The infamous battle between Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader is recreated in these one of a kind looking socks. The subtle design of the gray figures looks incredible with the colors of the lightsabers. The combination is a perfect one.

Thanks to the team at Cufflinks I will be able covered head to toe repping Darth Vader and all the glory that belongs there. There are all absolutely unique looking items that stand out against the rest. The quality of the socks and the tie is mind-blowing, they really know what they are doing at Cufflinks and they put out only the best.

The glory of the empire doesn’t stop there. Represent one of the most iconic symbols in all pop-culture right on your lapel with this pin. But, just like the rest of their lapel pins, these bad boys are extremely versatile and can go anything.

Darth Vader, the Emperor, and Moff Gideon would be proud of these one of a kind products. The quality is outstanding, the designs are as classic as the Original Trilogy itself and finally, we can look as good as the officers running the Star Destroyers.

The Empire loves deals

Don’t forget the Empire, Cufflinks, and Jawas all love good deals and so make sure you use the code “sandcrawler15” to get a deal on some incredible looking pieces. These are my personal favorites, but there is plenty more that pays respect to the glory of the Empire, the fantastic Original Trilogy that started it all, and also the hit that has taken America by storm The Mandalorian.

Thank you guys for reading, don’t forget to use the code if you find some great products and remember, utinni.

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