Our FIRST Look at The Mandalorian Season 2

We have finally gotten a small taste of what we have all been dying for. The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer should be coming out soon, we expected it in August with nothing and even got a vague suggestion in a Tweet from The Mandalorian team that we should expect it, soon.

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Well, we have finally gotten a nice little glimpse at what we can expect for parts of season 2 with some still photos that were released by Entertainment. This is not nearly as good as the trailer, but I will take what I can get at this point, especially after the released delay of The Skywalker Saga.

Here are the photos that were released:

Here is the dynamic duo. It looks like they are on Tatooine or even possibly back on Arvala-7 the architecture looks a lot like the building that Mando initially found the child in.

The Mudhorn insignia looks fantastic and it just makes him look even more badass. It is glistening along with the rest of that incredibly done armor. Do you think we will see more of Emily Swallow’s character The Armorer?

Here we have the fearsome threesome back together again. Something that we all expected to see, but it feels good to be confirmed. Cara Dune turned out to be a fan favorite, she’s got the attitude, the muscle, and the brains to help Mando protect the child for anything the galaxy might throw at them.

Here we have Mando riding his speeder bike with the child snuggly fit in the bag on the back. We can see he has his jetpack on this just ties in the whole Mandalorian aesthetic, making him look quite intimidating.

I love the way he’s riding the bike in this shot, too. So calm and in control. It looks like the same building as the first photo and the bike looks like the one from Chapter 5, Gunslinger, so I am going to guess this is Tatooine.

And here is the last still that we were given. Greef Karga in all his maroon glory. Karga is a great addition to the show and as the leader of the guild, I am glad to see him still here for season 2 to give us deeper insight into the underground world of Star Wars bounty hunters.

And there is is for you, my friends. These are the stills that we have gotten to give us a glimpse into season 2. The production quality is of course top notch and the Mando’s armor somehow looks so much cooler than when we left off last season.

I am almost expecting to not get a trailer for the show, which to be completely honest, I wouldn’t mind. We are already so close to the premiere and I wouldn’t mind a surprise to see what is to come. Perhaps the team is keeping it heavily under wraps, a similar approach to The Skywalker Saga, although that was probably delayed because the game was not finished.

Get ready, October 30th will be the premiere of The Mandalorian Season 2. Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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  1. Looks VERY promising. I can appreciate a modest delay to get things right, and it definitely seems like that’s a priority with this show. It’s the best thing Star Wars in a LONG LONG time (not that Clone Wars wasn’t good also).

    1. Yes, yes it does! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for this season. And I agree it seems like this is their golden child and they won’t do anything to ruin it. I’m 100% on board with it

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