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Welcome back to another planet series article! Today we are going to look at the planets from Solo: A Star Wars Story and check out what is going on there. 


The first planet that we see in Solo is his homeworld, Corellia. Now, this is a planet is known as the ship-building planet. They produce some high-quality ships and some even better pilots. Corellia’s native population was humans and Han, Qi’ra, Wedge Antilles, and Dengar all call this planet home.

Corellia was located in the Corellian sector in the Core Worlds. It had a temperate climate and was covered in forests, jungles, and urban centers. One major city was Coronet City (also the planet’s capital), which was home to shipyards used to build TIE fighters and Star Destroyers for the Empire.  

The history of Corellia is interesting. The Corellians are known for their wanderlust and they explored every corner of their planet before the advent of space travel. Once that was a thing, the Corellian crown had sent scouts to thousands of planets to scout and build colonies, expanding the reach of the Corellian Crown and also helping to pave the way for the hyperspace routes. 

As the galactic empire took more control and allowed for other, newer planets to rise for their abundance of natural resources Corellia began to fall off as such an import planet and began to become remembered for their history if pioneering the hyperspace routes. 


The next planet is Carida. This is where Han goes to train to join the imperial navy. The planet Carida was a planet located in the Carida system within the galaxy’s Colonies. Carida was mostly covered in barren landscapes filled with mountains. The planet had an atmosphere breathable to oxygen-breathers, such as humans. The planet was also heavily populated with humans. 

During the Clone Wars, the Valor space station orbited the planet, while the era of the Galactic Empire saw Carida as home to an Imperial academy and a naval docking facility.

In 14 BBY, during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Carida’s Imperial academy became a target for an attack by rebels. After stealing Moff Wilhuff Tarkin’s corvette, the Carrion Spike, Berch Teller’s rebel cell, secretly aided by Imperial Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit, planned to attack the Imperial facility. Meaning to betray his rebel allies, to claim glory among his Imperial peers, Rancit gathered a fleet above the planet and laid in wait for the Spike’s arrival. Suspecting the vice admiral’s treachery, the cell sent the corvette to Carida on auto-pilot and escaped.

Upon his arrival in Carida, the Sith Lord Darth Vader boarded Rancit’s Secutor-class Star Destroyer Conquest and ordered that Rancit be ejected in an escape pod and shot down. Vader is so gnarly I love that guy. That just goes to show you do not cross the Dark Lord of the Sith. 


The next planet on the list is the swampy planet of Mimban, this is where we see Solo fighting on the front lines and where he meets Beckett AND our giant furry friend, Chewbacca. If you have seen the Revenge of the Sith planet list then you understand how the empire was able to capture and lock up such a beast like Chewbacca and if not then check out the video/article and how the Empire took control of Kashyyyk. 

Mimban, formally known as Circarpous V, was located in the Circarpous sector of the galaxy’s Expansion Region.

It was the homeworld of several intelligent species, like the Mimbanese. For many decades, it was the site of conflict between its natives and mining interests attracted by the planet’s deep hyperbaride mineral deposits. During the Clone Wars, the Mud Jumpers of the Grand Army of the Republic’s 224th Division helped the Mimbanese Liberation Army repel the invading Separatist Droid Army.

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, the 224th returned to Mimban as part of the Imperial Army to subjugate the Mimbanese and ensure Imperial energy mining operations continued unabated.


Vandor is the next planet on the list. This is where the gang tries to steal the coaxium from an imperial train and fail. And also where they meet Dryden Vos and his yacht the First Light.  A cold and mountainous planet located in the Sloo sector of the Mid Rim, Vandor, sometimes also referred to as Vandor-1 or ID 53-80.

The kod’yok were a non-sentient species that roamed the plains of Vandor, and luftgriffs were another creature found on the world


The next planet to look at is one of the most famous planets in all of Star Wars. 

Kessel. It was originally mentioned in A New Hope and has been a part of star wars since day one. It was made famous by none other than Han Solo himself. A cloud of debris known as the Akkadese Maelstrom surrounds the world and makes travel to and from difficult for anyone short of Han Solo

The planet hosted a plethora of spice mines and it also exported coaxium and Kesselstone. While Kessel’s northern hemisphere was devoted to mining, the planet’s southern hemisphere was home to lush sanctuaries. During the Imperial Era, the Galactic Empire and Pyke Syndicate ran several mining operations that employed slave labor. These slave mining operations were targeted by the various underworld and rebel factions.


Savareen is the desert/ocean planet that the team has to emergency land on in the movie to stabilize their stolen coaxium. The planet is the closest one to Kessel and is in the outer rim territories. The planet is essentially just one giant beach.

 The natives are human and very poor… they also survived an unfortunate fate. 

The Crimson Dawn crime syndicate had a business on the planet and once the locals revolted for freedom. Of course, as we saw Crimson Dawn had won and cut their tongues out. 

What the planet has going for them is they are known for their famous brandy drink. Savareen brandy. It was made with the seagrapes native to the planet and had fans all around the galaxy. 

Numidian Prime

And finally, the last one that we are going to look at is Numidian Prime. A subtropical plant that is in the mid rim of the galaxy. The locals are just the scoundrels that hideout on the planet to avoid their debts. 

Interestingly enough Jedi Dooku and Qui-Gon Jinn had a mission that brought them out there to take out a bounty hunter and her stronghold with followers that she had set up on the planet. That bounty hunter was Shenda Mol. 


Solo mentions Black Spire Outpost as a point of reference from Vandor in the film. I thought this was so awesome, I am a huge fan of Black Spire and Galaxy’s Edge, so I always thought that was such a great addition to the film. 

Solo had given us a bunch of new planets. What are the favorites that you saw? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you guys!

Thank you for reading and remember…. Utinni!

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  1. They honestly did a good job with Coronet City. It looks very close to how it appears in SW:TOR, minus all the civil war damage in the game, lol.

    You didn’t mention that Mimban was the setting for the first EU book ever though; Splinter of the Mind’s Eye? And the first appearance ever of a Kyber crystal (they were a very different animal there)? You’re Fired!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Kessel changed quite a bit from it’s first EU appearance also. It was a slave labor prison in the middle of an intense asteroid field and some dwarf stars or some other insane navigational obstacle. The mines were sub-surface, and were considered a death sentence. Anyway, I always figured Han’s 12 Parsecs run may have referred to being fast and maneuverable enough to take a more direct route to Kessel

    1. Hahaha I promise I didn’t come across that in my research!!

      Lol that’s actually some really awesome info I’m so glad you shared that.

      And I agree I never imagined it to be what they made it out to be.

  2. Splinter of the Mind’s Eye was the first and only book outside of the original trilogy for AGES… I’d guess nearly a decade. ALL were written (or ghost written) by Alan Dean Foster also.

    Luke and Leia are off in a Y-Wing on a discreet mission following the Battle of Yavin and crash land on Mimban (which is as god forsaken as portrayed in Solo), and end up chasing after the Khyber Crystal, which amplifies the holder’s force powers dramatically. How much so?

    Well, Luke beats Vader in a lightsaber duel (cutting off his arm) and throws him down a deep well at the end. 😀 Spoiled the end, and that’s probably why it’s not canon, but you can’t be a Star Wars fan and not read the book.

    BTW, more proof of my “Lucas didn’t write it” theory; there’s quite a bit of sexual tension between Luke and Leia in the story.

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