Star Wars: The High Republic Confirms Younger Yoda

The new epic book series that Star Wars will be releasing is going to give us insight into the Star Wars that we have never seen before. The series will take us through the times of the “High Republic” when the Republic was at it’s strongest with thousands of Jedi all over the galaxy, doing their jobs and protecting the innocent.

One thing that we have all been wondering since we heard of this new series was what about Yoda? The 900-year-old Jedi Master that died in Return of the Jedi had been training others since he was 100 years old. That’s an 800-year wide gap of what Yoda was doing while he was on the road to achieving the title of Grand Master.

Well, it has been confirmed that we will get to meet Yoda and his younger self and see what he was up to in the times of the High Republic. There will be a plethora of interesting Jedi masters to meet that helped Yoda on his journey and taught him everything that they knew.

What Will Yoda Be Up TO?

It has been confirmed that the Yoda we will meet will be on the Jedi Council, but will not have the title of Grand Master, yet.

He will have the task of training younglings and Padawans as they travel across the galaxy learning about the universe around them, how it works, and most importantly the way the force interacts and binds everything they know.

Daniel Jose Older described it as “the Force study abroad program, basically”. So, this will be something to look forward to. I know that I enjoyed exploring the galaxy in The Clone Wars and Rebels and this will give us even more depth to the universe and planets that we know and love but in a new and exciting era.

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Older has a large and difficult task ahead of him, he will be creating a new side of Yoda, a younger and even less-wise version that we have not met yet. Ever since Empire released everyone had looked at Yoda as this wise Jedi Master who was as close to perfect as one can get. Older will be giving us a version of Yoda who has not reached that point of enlightenment yet and is still searching.

I look forward to discovering this younger version of Yoda and learning about his journey to becoming Grand Master. What are you most excited for?

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  1. That Grandmaster thing is one I wish they’d settle. From all I saw, Mace Windu was the Grandmaster, (he took the lead in all the counsel meeting conversations) and the one who actually was strong enough to beat Palpatine. Yet half the people out there call Yoda the Grandmaster.

    If that’s something out of Clone Wars, they need to settle the movie vs show canon differences.

    1. I always got the impression that Windu looked up to Yoda for his wisdom. Mace was the one who confronted Palp’s, yes but I think that may be simply because anakin has gone to him with the news.

      He did best Palps in the fight, but I think it was on purpose so anakin would be forced into making the decision hastily with out really giving it thought.

  2. A wise leader still seeks counsel from advisors. Indeed, that’s the whole point of the council. 🙂

    Mace being the one Anakin sought out also fits with him being the leader. And again, he DID beat Palpatine, where as Yoda got trounced by him. Again, a side issue that somebody at Disney or LucasArts should settle. 😛 😀

    The series itself sounds exciting though, and the idea of padawans traveling as they learn is nothing new. In SWTOR, it’s mentioned that even the Sith send their acolytes off Korriban for some trials. Jedi training in multiple places is mentioned at the start of both the consular and knight stories also. Tython itself was apparently set aside as a training ground for the most promising after they’d had some training elsewhere.

    Even without that, the Republic is so diverse it only makes sense to expose young jedi to as many cultures as possible to better prepare them for their future roles.

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