The Chosen Child Theory: Baby Yoda and His Place in The Galaxy

The Yoda species has remained one of the biggest mysteries in the galaxy. George Lucas intentionally left Yoda’s species unexplained, but now with Disney+’s new show, The Mandalorian, we have ourselves a new creature of the same species and it may offer a glimpse into who and what he is. The Child, one of the most popular figures in the show and the most popular thing on the internet, is a force sensitive being that mysteriously appeared after Mando tracked him down via a tracking fob. 

The first meeting of the two Mando and the child.

The client who hired Mando was extremely intrigued by the child and he seemed to have an idea that he is in fact force sensitive. With Yoda dead, one of the most famous and powerful Jedi, it leaves a void in the force. Could the child be the answer to the void that Yoda’s passing left? We know Yoda was powerful with the force and Yaddle was on the Jedi Council, so she was too, so could this species exist to help practice and spread knowledge in the force?

Existing For the Force

The child was born around the time of Anakin Skywalker and he could have been born then as the “counter” being to Anakin’s existence. We know Anakin was seen as the chosen one by a few, but there were many conflicts in him since a young age and that eventually led to Darth Vader and some of the most horrendous things the galaxy has ever seen. So, was this child’s birth a response to help establish a balance in the force? Years later the Empire has fallen, Palpatine is presumed dead, and a “balance” has been established, once again.

The child when he tries to heal mando from his injuries with the mudhorn

The force was able to feel Yoda and Yaddle’s life forces beginning to pass and knew that the universe would need a new being to help as a guide. The way the species ages would explain why the child would be born while Yoda and Yaddle were both still alive and shows that it recognizes the slow maturing speed of the species, a natural trade-off for a species to exist 900 years.

The living force responded to the upcoming disaster that is going to happen and prepares for its threat of Jedi becoming extinct, therefore, the child is the preserver of practicing the force and is born to help reestablish it across the galaxy.

A Force Sensitive Being

The child is, well, still a child and has a 900-year life-span. In the timeline, he’s with Mando and trying to escape the clutches of what’s left of the Empire. With Palpatine gone and Luke busy practicing the force, this little being is beginning to use and learn about his powers.

As we saw several displays of immense force power from the Child in The Mandalorian, we understand how powerful this untrained force-sensitive being is. He was able to lift to Mudhorn and force heal Carga, two forms of force ability that represents a powerful being. How much more could an X-wing weigh than the Mudhorn? Luke struggled to lift one when being trained by Yoda and so did Rey.

The force heal abilities that Rey had in Episode 9 represents the power of the Dyad. Rey along with Kylo Ren can create a bond so strong it can span across space and time and can heal dying people. They were able to heal Palpatine as he stole their life-force power and even before that Rey saved a dying Kylo Ren on the ruins of the death star. The child doesn’t have a connection like this with Carga, so how was he able to heal him so quickly? His power in the force is something yet to be unseen.

The child using his force abilities.
The Mandalorian

The child, existing simply for reestablishing the force in the galaxy, would naturally be able to have such powers because his sole purpose is the force itself. A birth and existence that will reestablish the Jedi Order and help to bring the balance back in the galaxy.

The Aging of the species

When Mando gets the Mudhorn egg the year is 9 ABY and Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker takes place in 35 ABY, this gives a 26 year period for the child to age by the time Palpatine is confirmed dead and Rey has the responsibility of rebuilding the Jedi Order. The child will be over 70 years old and beginning to reach an age of independent maturity; he will not be so reliant on Mando or a caretaker but will be able to venture out on his own and defend himself, all while thinking and acting independently. 

We know that Yoda began training other Jedi around 100 years old, so between the period of 50-100 years, the species must go through some rapid changes. If Yoda was a Jedi master by 100, then that shows how much the child will grow in the next 50 years of his life. The maturing from where he is now to 100 will be mostly his “teenage” years. By the time he reaches 76 years old, the child will be able to study and comprehend the living force around him.

The comprehension of the force will be the catalyst to helping this child rebuild the Jedi Order, most likely with Rey at his side. Rey, an example of the Dyad, and The Child, a being whose purpose of existence is to teach and practice the force are the two perfect beings to start a rebuild of the ancient order.

A Noble Birth

Yoda was born in 896 BBY, a period known as The Great Peace of the Republic. During this time the Republic, which falls 900 years later shortly before Yoda dies, the Republic began exploring open space and the uncharted territories. They were able to keep this period as a period of peace because the Jedi Order was so prominent and powerful. Only 100 years into The Great Peace, Yoda begins training other Jedi and his path to becoming the grand-master.

Yoda’s birth and existence are similar to the Child’s. Rather than existing to reestablish the Jedi Order, Yoda was born to maintain it, which is something he did, even until his death when he trained Luke to face his father and the Emperor. Yoda was able to discover, through Qui-Gon, and teach Obi-Wan the gift of remaining as part of the force even after death. This was meant to help save the force and the Jedi. His existence proved to preserve and save the Jedi Order.

Rey and the child together to bring back the jedi order

The child, another being of the same species represents the same thing. Though he is not preserving a great and established order like Yoda, he is preserving the ability to use the force and the essence of that once great order. Something that already can lift Mudhorns and force choke enemies as an infant has the potential to become the next Grandmaster.

I have spoken

The child and the child’s species exist only to help build, maintain, and save the force and the Jedi order. The ability to use the force must not be forgotten and as we saw through Rey Skywalker, it still has a chance of becoming another great belief. Rey has deep knowledge in the force through studying the ancient Jedi texts and the child has a natural midi-chlorian count that must rival Anakin’s. The child, under the protection of Mando, will grow into a strong and influential Jedi, just like Yoda. 

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  1. WELL SAID! And, there’s more to it. Yoda has always represented “the truth” in Star Wars. It started out that truth was only old, hard to find, and often characterized as “the ugly truth” in a world of too much fighting (e.g. mind control programs, war…). But, it’s no accident that Yoda has big ears to hear all, and determine how to use what truth is able to know, and has to say. Now, with the latest addition of Rey finding her Force in the Star Wars world, “the truth” has been born again, perhaps to start over. This means Yoda has a chance to rewrite the truth that is attacking Rey, trying to prevent her from knowing. But, this new truth also has new ways to spread itself, and fight back, maybe making things turn out with a better kind of ending. So, we’ll see…

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