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Welcome back to another Star Wars Planet Series post. Today, we are going to look at the beautiful planets that were featured in Revenge of the Sith.

This article will go over the brand new planets that were introduced to this movie, the other planets that were already seen, like Coruscant can be found in the previous planet series articles.


Utapau is located in the outer rim of the galaxy and is ringed by numerous moons, which helps in its whole seclusion aspect but to reinforce the fact that its secluded is probably because no one wants to go there. Aside from the natives being horrendously ugly, the surface is super windy, barren, and desert-like.

Which is why there are the sinkholes that we see Kenobi fly into while arriving at the planet.

At the bottom of those sinkholes is precious water, as we see through Kenobi, again, after Cody gets the order for order 66 and turns on his General and friend. The sinkholes, not all, but most feature intricate cities, homes, shops, and mining operations to extract the precious minerals that are found in the galaxy.

These cities and mining operations have tunnels that extend deep into the planet and expand all across it, underneath the harsh surface. Pau’ans and Utai were native to Utapau, while the Amani had settled on the planet by the Clone Wars. The majority of Utapau’s Amani lived deep underground. And also Bands of Sugi lived on the planet.

The climate and tunnel lifestyle wasn’t always like this, the conditions on the surface had gotten worse over time, but originally, the Pu’auns lived on the surface, while the Utai were the ones living underground. IT was when the conditions worsened that the Pu’auns had to go underground and live harmoniously with the Utai.

Below Utapau’s surface was the massive “world-ocean,” a huge subterranean body of water. This water contained many powerful currents created by the tidal forces of Utapau’s moons. These currents eroded the underside of the planet’s crust and caused the formation of Utapau’s many sinkholes and chasms, which, when combined with numerous storms, served to make the planet’s surface inhospitable. One of Utapau’s “continents” was more stable than the rest; for that reason, most Utapauns lived on that stabilized continent. I don’t blame them.

Now, this part is kind of creepy, but you need to understand… you gotta do what you gotta do survive…

Because of the lack of timber on the planet, Utapaun architecture was primarily constructed out of the bones of deceased animals. That’s right…. The bones of nearly all of the planet’s fauna were used in construction, which later developed into a unique form of architecture known as Ossic architecture. The skeletons of the huge animals that roamed the lower sinkholes and ocean had huge enough bones to be used as beams; other fossil bones were mined in caves.

We get a glimpse of that in the movie and if you played the Revenge of the Sith video game, you get a great insight into what that was like. It must have been very eerie for travelers and anyone who isn’t used to this sort of architecture.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems sought the planet. Though the planet remained neutral.

There were a few planets that were shown in the Order 66 sequence and so we are going to look at those.


The first one is Mygeeto, where Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi had lost his life.

Mygeeto was a frigid, crystalline planet located in the galaxy’s Outer Rim Territories that was the homeworld of the Lurmen species. An InterGalactic Banking Clan stronghold, it was aligned with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. It was the site of the Third Battle of Mygeeto, and the Galactic Republicassaulted Mygeeto during the Outer Rim Sieges. During the Imperial Era against the Galactic Empire, Mygeeto was the site of a battle featuring the Alliance to Restore the Republic’s Sixty-First Mobile Infantry and Riot Squadron.


Next up is Felucia. This is a green planet teeming with life and fungi species. It is home to the Felucians who have many farming villages all around the planet. Several non-sentient species also inhabited the world, including Gelagrubs jungle rancors, and tee-muss. Despite its perceived insignificance, its important location and resources, which included the healing plantnysillin, led to several conflicts both in orbit and on the surface. The Gossamer colonized the planet and helped to industrialize it and used it to advance their financial enterprise, even persuading the native Felucian tribes into compliance by claiming that the Gossam and Felucians shared a common ancestor.


Saleucami was a planet located in the Saleucami system, within the Suolriep sector of the galaxy’s Outer Rim Territories. Its name meant “oasis”. During the Clone Wars, its inhabitants wished to stay out of the conflict, though the war would eventually reach the backwater planet. Although the Republic forces were able to drive the Separatistsfrom Saleucami, it became the site of an invasion and one of the final battles of the war. Jedi Master Stass Allie was killed on her BARC speeder bike by Commander Neyo at the start of the Great Jedi Purge. It was the homeworld of Sergeant Warda Gojun of the Galactic Empire’s 71st GAV Battalion.


The next planet on the list is one of my all-time favorite planets in all of Star Wars, Kashyyyk. The Wookie homeworld where Yoda goes to oversee the war and battle against them.

This is such a gorgeous green and lush planet with so much life. If you played Fallen Order than you already know that there is plenty of life there and just about all of it wants to kill you, yes even the beautiful green plants.

Kashyyyk is located in the Midrim of the galaxy and after episode 3 had gone real south. The emperor had seized absolute control of the planet and began enslaving the Wookies. We got a good story about this and what was going down in fallen order when we helped Saw out, but for those of you who don’t know, the Wookies were enslaved by the empire and used for labor camps where they helped to build the death star, were used for weapons testing, and used to cut down the trees on their planet for farms to feed the stormtroopers.

Eventually, after the second death star was destroyed the planet was freed, but only after the help of Han Solo and Chewbacca.


The next and final planet we are going to look at is Mustafar, the stunning lava planet that is filled with beautiful lava rivers, gorgeous volcanic terrain, and a very hot and welcoming climate. I mean who wouldn’t want to come here?

We get to see Vader’s Castle that was built there in Rogue One, and that was one of my favorite touches to that movie. That was incredible getting to see the inside of the castle. But anyways, Mustafar is located in the Mustafar System in the outer rim territory of the galaxy.

And get this, Mustafar used to be a beautiful, green, lush garden planet that was home to an abundance of life. This was created by the Bright Star.

It was a crescent-shaped crystal and the most sacred artifact of the Mustafarians. Long before the rise of the Galactic Empire, it was stolen by Lady Corvax, who wanted to harness its energy to power her Aeon Engine and restore her dead husband to life. instead, the Bright Star released powerful energies that turned the green and bountiful Mustafar into a hellish wasteland. Corvax kept the artifact hidden in her sanctum.

At some point during the Imperial Era, Darth Vader retrieved the only key to the Bright Star, but could not wield it himself, because it could only be used by someone from Corvax’s bloodline. After several unsuccessful attempts, Vader managed to capture a descendant of Lady Corvax in the person of a smuggler who operated the starship Windfall.

And this descendant was force sensitive. Vader of course trained him so that he could use him to activate the Bright Star and bring back his one true love. Padme Amidala.

Yes, Vader was actively searching the galaxy to see if he could bring her back. He was obsessed.

But the descendent was set on returning the artifact to the Mustafarians and helping to heal the planet and return it to its original form. Vader, the madman he was knew about this plot and was ahead of him, and stole the bright star.

So, Vader hooked the Bright Star up to the Aeon Engine once again and activated it. The crystal emitted a beam of energy into Mustafar’s skies, and the shimmering outline of Padmé began to appear. It was so close to working! But, before the Star could finish its work (and probably ruin Mustafar even more in the process), the descendant of Corvax returned and dueled Vader with the Black Bishop’s lightsaber. The descendant’s relationship with Lady Corvax appeared to affect the Bright Star, stopping the revival process. He then plunged the saber into the Bright Star, destroying it and the Aeon Engine.

The Bright Star’s destruction started a chain reaction that would begin the change of Mustafar from the wasteland it was to its original, flourishing form. This is why we see Mustafar begin its healing process and beginning to change in The Rise of Skywalker. The planet at that point was almost unidentifiable compared to how we last saw it in Revenge of the Sith. Too bad Kylo Ren and his buddies rampaged the planet and took out an entire village of locals just like his grandfather taking out those dirty sand people. Always yelling, riding their banthas… so uncivilized.

The Mustafarian were worshippers of the sith and believed in the power of the dark side. There are two different kinds, the tall ones to the north and the shorter Mustafarians of the south.

These are all the planets that I have for you guys today! We finally do get a glimpse of Alderaan when Leia goes with Bail Organa to her new home, but we will save that for the New Hope video. We also see Luke going to his homestead on Tatooine. What have been your favorites?

Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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  1. Great post. Love all the detail. I’m assuming you pulled the extra info from Clone Wars and extended universe sources. 🙂

    The Gossamer clearly took business lessons from the Hutts. They did the same thing (actually worse) to the native Evocii species on Hutta.

      1. Indeed. Like I said before, the biggest trick is figuring out what’s canon and what isn’t. Disney is slowly loosening the reins there as they figure out how to integrate stuff, so it’s a moving target.

        Some of it they’re subtle about also. There were two different ‘Star Destroyer’ mounted super weapon beam cannons in SWTOR. One for the Sith Inquisitor storyline and one for the Republic Trooper. I’d be willing to bet good money that’s what inspired the ones in Rise of Skywalker, lol.

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