The Clone Wars Planets: Season 6

Welcome to the Sandcrawler News planet series. Today, we will take a look at the planets from season 6 of The Clone Wars. This season was the last season for a few years until season 7 came out and gave us the ultimate conclusion to the series. 


The first few episodes take place on the familiar planet of Kamino. This was an exciting few episodes as Five begins to uncover the mystery of the chip implanted in all of the clone’s brains. 

I don’t know about you guys, but man this plot really stressed me out. Fives came so close to uncovering the mystery and saving literally all of the Jedi, but as we all know, that could not happen. 


The episodes following this plot take place on Coruscant as well, but this has been looked at already and so we will move to episode 5, where we are taken to the planet, Scipio. 

This is in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. It is a snow-covered planet with tons of mountains and hills. This planet was important because it was one of the center worlds of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Padme travels there to try and persuade the clan to financially support the republic rather than the Separatists. 

There is the whole plot of uncovering the mysteries and the corruption of the banking plan which takes us back to Coruscant. 


In episode 8, we travel to Bardotta. This is in the colonies sector of the galaxy and is home to the Bardottan people. The planet was run by the Dagoyan Order. They are force sensitives who focused on the knowledge and harmony of the universe. The Dagoyans had avoided the use of the dark and light side of the force and focused mainly on the spiritual aspect of it. 

There are tons of mountains and temples built within the mountains on the planet.

Oba Diah

Oba Diah is the next planet on the list. This one is located in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. It is home to the Pyke species and so, naturally, the Pyke Syndicate was on this planet. They had controlled the distribution of spice from Kessel as it was delivered all throughout the galaxy from Pyke Palace. This is the planet where Sifo Dyas died and the recovery of his lightsaber had sparked the investigation, eventually leading the Jedi council here. 


Dagobah is the next planet on the list. Yoda travels here to try and find the source of the voice he keeps hearing; Qui Gon Jinn. Dagobah was of course looked at in the Empire Strikes Back Planet series. 

During Yoda’s travels for the answer to the force and Qui Gon’s voice, he discovers a planet in the middle of a small, glowing, golden nebula. Here he talks to the priestesses and learns more of the force. 


Moraband is the next planet on the list. This is a red mountainous planet located in the Outer Rim territories of the Galaxy. This is an ancient sith planet that was destroyed through the constant wars of the sith. The Valley of the Dark Lords is the final resting place of Darth Bane, the one who created the rule of two. 

This is where the series had left off as Yoda discovers the secret to the Eternal Consciousness and sees the visions laid out by Palpatine. 

This was a very interesting arc and I had enjoyed it thoroughly. Season 6 was a bit more political than it was action-packed, but at least we have season 7. 

Those are all the planets that I have for you guys. Please subscribe down below to keep up with the latest and greatest Star Wars news and content.


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