The Bad Batch Plot Theory

The bad batch was such an incredible addition to the clone wars season finale. The arc we got with them was exciting and showed an interesting side of the clones that we had never seen. I know that fans were dying to find out more and everyone wondered why they didn’t appear in previous seasons.

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But, now we will be getting a show about the bad batch following the clone wars and order 66.

These guys, as we saw, are the elite of the elite and were bred specifically for war and special operations. It seems that now the war is over they will be lost just fumbling around the galaxy trying to find purpose.

Rex told us in Rebels that the clones were phased out after order 66 and the Empire began recruiting Stormtroopers, spreading propaganda all across the galaxy.
We got a good insight into the process from the Solo movie, which was a great movie, in my opinion, and I would see a Solo 2… just saying…

Anyways, with the new show coming, I have a theory on what the plot of the show will be and what we may expect to come 2021.
This is some of the best news we’ve heard in 2020, alongside Squadrons, of course.
If only Lego Star Wars would confirm that leaked release date….

Disney has officially released that they will be mercenaries. So, we will be able to see them put their special skills to use, which will be very interesting.
With the replacement of the clones and the stormtroopers moving in, these guys have to find purpose somewhere.

Mercenaries are the perfect position for them, that is what I initially thought as soon as I heard about the newly announced show.

But what exactly will we see as they run around the galaxy as mercenaries?

Who will be their boss? Someone has to pay them.

They could work for the Star Wars underground that we have gotten glimpses of before and now have a deeper insight of because of The Mandalorian. The Bad Batch will be exploring the galaxy, working as guns for hire for whoever can afford them.

With their special skills, it will be safe to assume that they will be rather expensive.

Perhaps they will work for the illustrious Jabba the Hutt? Maybe even work for some pirates, but, more likely against some pirates.

Also, what sort of missions will they do exactly?

We won’t know until it premieres, but perhaps they will be working for some of the Star Wars corporations that have some missions that need to be accomplished, or maybe they will begin with working for the Empire, knocking out a few more missions before they are finally retired from serving for them.

They could be hired to defend some farmers from raiders, as escorts for crimelords and high profile beings, or perhaps they will go rogue and become entities who do their own thing.

This is where things will get interesting and hopefully where we get insight into the star wars underground, some secret missions for crime lords, or like I said before maybe even some star wars corporations.

Overall, it will be very interesting to see what role these clones will play in the galaxy post order 66 because the reality of the clones is that they were the perfect beings to pull this off. With the inhibitor chip forcing them to turn on the Jedi and with almost all the Jedi gone, it Palpatine can resort to propaganda and recruiting the citizens of the galaxy to join the Empire, something we got to see in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Now, did the bad batch execute order 66?

We do not know for sure, but we know for sure that they were deemed as defective clones by Kamino, giving them their nickname. With this information, we can assume that they did not execute order 66 because the Kaminoans were so efficient and professional, it doesn’t seem like they would bother putting a chip in defective clones.

With that being said, that is still just a theory and hopefully, we can get an answer in the series, which I am positive we will.

Following the Bad Batch through-out the series will be interesting. Their journey and character arcs will probably turn them toward working for the Rebels and against the Empire, but until that point, it will be exciting to watch them use their special skills across the galaxy. The few episodes that they were in for The Clone Wars final season had introduced what some of the clones could have been, so it will be great to see them go deeper into this group.

The animation style is likely going to stay the same, which is great because Season 7 was insane. The update blew my mind and I’m sure it did yours, too. Remember that fight scene between Ahsoka and Maul? Ya, I’ll never forget it either.

What do you expect to see from the newly announced Bad Batch Tv show? I’m stoked that this is coming, I love the animation style for The Clone Wars and although Rebels was fantastic, I prefer that style more. Disney is giving us tons of great new Star Wars content! What are you most excited about? Let me know down in the comments, I would love to hear from you guys!

Thank you for reading and remember… utinni!

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  1. Interesting questions indeed. Much of it depends on how dark Disney wants to go with this show. Mercs could be anything from “The A-Team” all the way down to some very dark black ops stories.

    I agree it should be entertaining though.

    I have to admit, as much as I’ve criticized Disney for what they’ve done with and to the franchise, they really do seem to have made a legit effort to pull it back towards what it used to be while still keeping things fresh and fun. They’ve even forced EA to make some noticeable changes in their policies.

    1. That’s a good point how dark will they allow it? I’m assuming they can’t let it get too dark bc of the animation and it being on Disney+. Live action is a little different.

      And yes! They are on top of the content trying to pump it out luckily I don’t get sick of Star Wars so everything that comes out is exciting news.
      I didn’t hear about the EA thing but that’s great news I’ll have to look more into it!

      1. I really doubt it’ll get any darker than the more gritty episodes of Clone Wars or Rebels, BUT given the nature of the unit, it could certainly leave the door open for some dark missions like political assassinations, etc…

        Truth: I expect we’ll see something along the lines of “The A-Team” only less campy.

        Volume of content I just see as them milking a cash cow. It’s the quality that concerns me. Happily it seems that they learned their lesson after the outcry over Last Jedi and Solo. Mandalorian seems to have raised the standards, and the other shows are following suite.

        EA: They’re no longer trying to monopolize their games via a private launcher platform, they’ve cut back on the loot crate nonsense, AND (miracle!) they’re actually restoring customer service! I was FINALLY able to recover my original Star Wars: The Old Republic account after 8 years of being locked out and ZERO way to previously contact customer service. I’ve been an extremely vocal critic of EA’s policies the last few years, but it seems like they’re returning to the good old days when the company was young.

          1. The lock-out itself was just one of those things. I had two factor authentication on the account to protect it. I didn’t deactivate the two factor authentication before buying a new phone though, and got locked out. THAT part is just one of those things. What annoyed me is that for years, Bioware and EA had no means to resolve that for customers.

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