Disney Announces New Animated Show

The Clone Wars finale had blown absolutely everyone away and the updated animation and graphics had made everyone want more of The Clone Wars. We have Rebels, which is an incredible addition to Star Wars, it’s just not the same. The Clone Wars has so many components to it that allow it to show off the vastness of the Star Wars universe and hook viewers, no matter the age. 

Well, now we will get more of The Clone Wars and more of the “Bad Batch” from the beginning of the newest season. Disney+ has just ordered a new animated series that is all about the “Bad Batch”, an elite group of experimental clones. These guys were incredible and I loved watching them in action. 

We will get plenty more of them as we watch them try and navigate their way in the galaxy after the end of the Clone Wars and as the new Galactic government seizes control and begins to phase out the Clones for Stormtroopers. The Clones were created for one thing, war… Now that the war is over it will be intersting to see how they adjusted to their new lives as civilians.

Dave Filoni will be the executive producer behind the show and will be leading the team. We all know how great Filoni is and how vast his Star Wars knowledge is, so we know for sure that the show is in good hands and has some series potential. Jennifer Corbett (Star Wars Resistance) will be working as the head writer, Brad Rau (Star Wars Rebels) will be the supervising director.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how they pull this off…

    The Marvel Comics are considered canon now since Disney owns them also, and the whole switch over to non-clones was already covered there. At one point, some of them rebelled, and that was the end of the clone program. I’d have to logically think Palpatine wanted to keep the cloning technology for his own personal use anyway vs risking it falling into more widespread use.

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