The Mandalorian Chapter 2 Analysis

The second episode of the Mandalorian has released today and it just keeps getting better and better. The Star Wars vibe is extended further and this episode was as good as the first. In the first episode, we met the Baron and he sent the Mandalorian on his second bounty we’ve seen so far. That bounty was a real surprise. Let’s hope this episode sheds some light on who this baby is.

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The Analysis: The opening

The opening scene is the Mandalorian walking with the baby Yoda species through the desert, where he gets jumped by a couple of Trandoshans. We get to see how dangerous he is, he’s outnumbered but gets away with only a scratch. He puts his rifle to action and we see him shock on of the Tandoshans and he goes flying. The last one makes a run for the baby and we get to see the Mandalorian fire his rifle and that was mind-blowing (pun intended).

The scene between him and the Trandoshans shows the sheer power of the Mandalorian and the strength of his armor. After the fight and they getaway, we see him healing himself and the baby keeps getting closer and reaching out to his cut. Does the baby have healing powers like Obi-Wan Kenobi? Either way, he was persistent in wanting to help his new protector.

After the Mandalorian fixes his gear and sets the baby back in his crib 2-3 times, they’re back on their way to his ship. But our little Jawa friends, from a different clan, were there tearing it apart and picking what they wanted off it. They stripped it pretty fast and the Mandalorian isn’t happy about this. He takes out his rifle and blows a couple of them to oblivion. It was heart-breaking for us at the Sandcrawler to watch our brothers get blown up like that, but they messed with the wrong guy’s ship and that’s the life we live.

The Mandalorian with baby Yoda species takes aim at the off world Jawa sandcrawler

The Mandalorian takes a shot at the engine and then hops on to get his stuff back, so he can get himself and the baby off that desolate and dangerous planet. He scales the Sandcrawler avoiding rocks and shock rifles. He throws a couple of the little Jawas off their crawler and eventually makes it to the top where he gets blasted like R2-D2 back in A New Hope. A little stun blast and he fell off the top.

The off-world Jawas take aim at the Mandalorian as he climbs to the top of their sand crawler

With the Sandcrawler gone its back to the stripped ship for him…

Kuiil’s Help, Once Again

The Mandalorian’s only friend on this planet is Kuiil and so he seeks him out for his help. He doesn’t know what to do, or even how to communicate with the strange customs out on this planet. Kuiil knows what to do and is willing to help him get his parts back and off the planet. He offers to lead him to where they are. Another trip on the Bluurgs, this time with a trailer to carry the baby, the Mandalorian, and the parts back.

Naturally, the Jawas are weary to see him again, but Kuiil can calm them down and discuss trade to get the parts back. First, they want the armor but that will never happen, next, they want the baby but again, that will never happen. So, there must be some sort of solution right? Well, why not send a Mandalorian covered in Beskar and armed from head to toe to collect something a little Jawa can’t. I mean, we’d hire him here if he wasn’t so expensive! This little expedition sounds like something Hercules had to do.

The mammoth rhino beast

On his quest to find the egg the Jawas have requested, the Mandalorian encounters a giant beast, who we feel is safe to assume is the parent to that egg. He goes into a cave looking for the egg, sees and giant eye, and gets thrown from the cave-like nothing. His armor gets messed up, so we know that the monster hits hard. He damaged the gun too, so this fight will have to be close up.

The fight is epic, the beast throws the Mandalorian around like he’s nothing. The Mandalorian burns the beast and it doesn’t seem too effective. At this point, he’s running out of options on how he’s going to kill the beast and get the egg and I was getting a tad nervous on how he was going to defeat him.

The Mandalorian gets thrown around so much he knows the beast has him beat and he kneels, pulls out a knife and waits for the last charge. At least they’ll go out together, right? Baby Yoda doesn’t think so! He confirms our speculations and lifts the beast out of the air with the force. Now mind you, Luke was training how to use the force and was struggling with lifting piles of rocks at 20. This baby is lifting a massive beast and stopping him in his tracks, it takes a lot out of him but it is still extremely interesting to watch him display such power for only being a baby. Granted, he is a 50-year-old baby.

The barter

With the giant hairy egg in his hand, the Mandalorian is finally ready to head back and get his parts back. The impatient Jawas are ready to when he finally makes his way back to their Sandcrawler and they are pleasantly surprised to see he has the egg for them. A delicacy among our people, there is very little good food on our desert landscapes so this egg must have been a refreshing meal for them.

The Jawas with the hairy egg that they love to eat

The Jawas were willing to trade all those parts for just that egg, so it goes to show how delicious it must be. They are probably also eager to get him off that planet too, considering he disintegrated a few of them…

After finally getting the parts they head back to the ship and Kuiil, the coolest guy on that planet, knows how to fix his ship and put it all back together. Without a full maintenance facility, it normally would have been impossible for them to put it back together like that in the middle of the desert, but lucky for the Mandalorian, Kuiil has some serious talent.

I have spoken…

With the help of Kuiil the Mandalorian is back on the ship, fully functioning, and on his way to collect his bounty, or not? The baby seems to have grown to him and even helps lookout for him. Could this be some sort of mutual relationship where they help the two through-out the series? Did the Mandalorian just make a new force-sensitive friend? We won’t know for sure until next week, but I already can’t wait!

A great second episode, The Mandalorian team has done a fantastic job. The Star Wars vibe from this show just keeps getting better. It’s a refreshing view to see the underworld of Star Wars and also meet new characters, worlds, and monsters. Who is your favorite so far? Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Kuiil that little guy has grown on me. I have spoken.

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