The Mandalorian Chapter One Analysis

It’s finally here! The premiere to The Mandalorian and it’s about time. The moment we’ve been waiting for for months. Here is an analysis that will walk you through the episode. We will finally see him in action and what the galaxy is like after the fall of the Emperor. Much of the footage from the trailers have been taken from the first episode. Each episode will be 35 minutes long. 

It’s midnight in California and the show dropped with the premiere of Disney+. The streaming service is set at a reasonable price and only costs $6.99 a month and $69.99 a year. The show will feature tons of Disney movies from the vault, but back to what’s truly important.

The Mandalorian Analysis

The episode begins with the Mandalorian going to get one of his bounties on a frozen planet. It looks like it could be Krownest or some similar icy-planet. We get our first impression of him and he comes off like a stone-cold killer who’s only there to get the job done. The way the fight broke out in the bar was a classic western feel, but with the great effect of Star Wars, space, and the fact that we are in a whole new world.

During the fight, the Mandalorian broke one guy’s arm and stopped another guy from escaping and then cut him in half with the door, and he wasn’t even who he was after. This goes to show who this man is and his emotion when on the job. We don’t hear much dialogue from him in the beginning, except right before he arrests his target and right before he freezes his target in carbonite. The opening for the show was incredible and it gives hope to what the rest of the season will be like.

After he catches his target the Mandalorian gets a speeder and with an escort is off to his ship with his bounty. The escort is talking about how it’s imperative to stay off the ice and we quickly learn why. As soon as he drops them off he gets eaten by a sea monster and it’s even more than what we were hoping for. The brief struggle between the Mandalorian and the monster showed how calm he remains in moments like that, but it also is a little bit of that George Lucas’s attention to detail that made his films so amazing. He zaps him with his gun and off they go.

The sea beast from the Mandalorian first episode

The Mandalorian stays silent the entire trip, that is until he finds his prisoner wandering his ship looking around. The prisoner is terrified when he finds a few people frozen in carbonite. He knows the fate that awaits him and it comes real quick. Next thing we know the Mandalorian is directly behind him and grabs him and freezes him. I guess he’ll make a nice wall piece.

The bounty and his boss

We get a view of the relationship that the Mandalorian has with Greef Carga. He’s the leader of the bounty hunters guild that the Mandalorian works for and he’s the one who got him the connection with Herzog’s character, the Imperial crime boss.

The Mandalorian walking into his meeting with Werner Herzog's character. He is accompanied with stormtroopers

The scene with him is as intense as the trailer played it out to be. The dirty stormtroopers are an example of just how much of a mess the galaxy is in. The bounty he gets is 50 years old and he gets very little information about it. It’s something extremely important and he wants whatever it is alive. He shows just how wealthy he is by giving the Mandalorian enough Beskar to forge a new shoulder piece.

The Mandalorian Blacksmith

We get an extremely unexpected look at the way Mandalorian armor is forged. The blacksmith is excited to have the armor back in the hands of the Mandalorian tribe, she mentions it was gathered from the great purge. The most intriguing part about this scene, though, is the flashbacks he gets while she hammers the Beskar into his new shoulder piece. We get glimpses of what we assume is him as a child. Was he terrorized by the Trade Federation?

The Mandalorian as a child having flashbacks of being terrorized as a child by the trade federation robots

Kuiil and the Bluurgs

The Mandalorian, as he’s scanning his location, gets attacked by two Bluurgs. One of them takes him by surprise and almost ruins the armor on his arm, but before the second one could do any damage Kuiil had knocked the other one out with a stun dart, just like he did the first one.

Kuuil coming up the Mandalorian after saving him from being attacked by the Bluurgs

Kuiil helps to train the Mandalorian in how to ride a Bluurg so that he can make it across the pass to find his bounty target. He refuses to take any money and only asks for one of the two bluurgs he distracted while Kuuil caught them. He was happy to help a Mandalorian since he’s only heard stories about them and knows how legendary they are. With the Mandalorian’s help, Kuiil can help make his home peaceful again. Who doesn’t want that? Especially after the collapse of the Empire.

The 50-year-old bounty

This is where the episode gets cool. The Mandalorian gets into a classic western shoot out with an IG droid. Everything about this scene is epic. The flawless way the IG-11 shoots and spins and the perfect aim of the Mandalorian with his blaster make them an incredible team.

IG-11 in the shootout with the Mandalorian on their quest to get the 50-year-old bounty.

IG walks in and starts announcing his writ of bounty and shoots like 5-7 people like its nothing. Unfortunately, the bunker was filled with more guys, but fortunately for IG, the Mandalorian was there to help them get out of it. The quick thinking of the Mandalorian saved their lives and convinced IG to not self destruct multiple times.

The shoot out continues as the two become overwhelmed with this gang, but they can move around and get themselves into a good position to try and get inside. That is until they bring in a laser Gatling gun that pins the two again. The Mandalorian shows off his quick thinking and has the IG droid take fire while he uses his hook to pull the gun toward him, hop on, and take out the rest of the gang like it was nothing.

The Mandalorian firing the gatling gun after hijacking it from the gang of thugs.

He has an essence to him that makes it look easy. The two finally get inside and find the bounty they are looking for. But, it was the last thing we suspected. Expecting someone from the Clone Wars or even before we were shocked to see that it was a baby Yoda. This was a well-received surprise. I can’t wait to see what Herzog’s character wants to do with a 50-year-old baby. Perhaps he’s force sensitive?

We get a glimpse of the Mandalorian’s soft side when he saves the baby from being killed by IG, who is programmed to follow orders. The Mandalorian recevied vague orders when it came to allowing the baby to live or die, but IG-11 was told to just kill the baby, perhaps IG-11 wasn’t hired by the Baron who hired the Mandalorian. The way they shot it was great, giving the idea that he was going to let it happen but instead saves the baby and shoots IG in the head, reaches out his finger, and there it is, the first episode of Disney’s The Mandalorian.

I have spoken…

Favreau did an incredible job with the production of this show. Everything about it was beautiful, the shots, the music, the story-line already. This show has some serious potential to be one of the best shows to come out in 2019. The Mandalorian is way cooler than I had expected him to be, Going into the show with already high hopes, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see the result. Even if you subscribe to only watch the Mandalorian every penny is worth it, plus you’ll be able to stream every other Star Wars movie!

The frozen bounty on the Mandalorian's ship the razor crest

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe! Come back next week for the analysis of episode two. Who do you think will be introduced then? May the force be with you!

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    1. Very much so, the first episode gives vibes from A New Hope and it really feels like we’re back to our Star Wars roots. I’d recommend checking it out, if you have the time to binge watch it in a week, the whole season is out so you’ll be able to finish it for free on week trial for Disney+.

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