The Mandalorian Chapter 3 “The Sin” Analysis

The Mandalorian Chapter 3 is finally out and that was a very long week. He finally got off Arvala-7 with Baby Yoda (we know, it’s not Yoda, it’s okay) and he’s off to turn him in for his reward. He has some sort of connection with the baby now and it’ll be hard for him to say goodbye. Afterall, the baby did save his life.

This episode was just as good as the rest. The Mandalorian team is doing an incredible job with this show and they are making it very intresting. An extremely welcomed addition to the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian is taking fans by surprise and everyone loves it so far. The heavy western theme and the action is intense and Pedro Pascal is doing a great job of being the Mandalorian.

The Client

The Mandalorian heads back with the baby to turn him in for his reward. He was given a small piece of beskar as a down payment and that was able to forge a new shoulder piece for him. He know’s he’ll be paid handsomely when he returns.

Werner Herzog the client in the Mandalorian on disney plus

The Beskar armor is precious to Mandalorians, after all, it is what their signature armor is made out of; it’s blaster resistant and it looks super sweet. The client has a lot of it after the purge because the Empire stole it from the Mandalorians and stamped it with their insignia after mining it. It is an extremely valuable piece of metal and it’ll make anyone who has it pretty rich.

The Mandalorian returns to the client to give him the baby and he is extremely eager to see him. He gets almost childlike when seeing the baby and so does Dr. Pershing. The reward he shows the Mandalorian is impressive and it will be able to give the Mandalorian all new armor, in pure beskar. Even with the huge reward the Mandalorian is still worried about the baby and what the Empire will do with him. Nobody trusts the Empire and for good reason.

Dr. Pershing and the client looking at baby yoda and inspecting him.

Are they going to check his midi-chlorians somehow or will they try and manipulate him and raise him to be a sith? Is baby Yoda the potential replacement to the Emperor?

We get to see some humanness in the Mandalorian as he inquires on the plans they have for the baby. The client was offended he asked because he broke the code of bounty hunters and overstepped his boundaries, but it seems the Mandalorian plays by his own rules. He has sympathy and he’s not just a killing machine. The connection with the baby is strong it will just keep getting stronger… and so will the guilt if he just walks away.

The Mandalorian Guild

The Mandalorians need to hide out in the shadows now and its all because of the Empire. Not so surprised? The Empire destorys everything. The leader of the guild and the metalsmith is eager to have this much beskar back in the hands of Mandalorians and seeing all of it draws the attention of the rest of the guild…

The metalsmith and leader of the Mandalorian guild

They all come over and check out whats going on, he’s back again with even more beskar. The rest of the guild seems pretty jealous that he’s got this much, plus they’re pretty offended. The Mandalorian gets called out by another member who notices that it has the Empire insignias and that he’s making deals with the Empire, or what is left of it. The metalsmith calms the little fight that breaks out between the Mandalorians and she gets to work on his armor. With the vibroblades at eachothers throat they can’t be killing eachother, they are already dwindling in numbers.

The Mandalorian fighting another one in the guild

The metalsmith asks how The Mandalorian’s armor was damaged and he tells her it was from a mudhorn, that killer beasts in episode 2. She offers to make it the insignia on his armor, but because baby Yoda had saved him he refuses, because there was “no honor” in the kill. So, she uses the excess to make him “whistling birds” the wrist rockets.

We see more flashbacks of his childhood as she works on the beskar and forms it into his new set of armor. He had a drastic experience and this looks like this is where his parents die. The last scene of a flashback we get is the droid opening up where he’s hiding and that’s it for now. Hopefully we’ll get to see more and get to see when the Mandalorians picked him up as a foundling.

The last thing we see from the Mandalorian's flashback. The battledroid gets into his hiding spot

The Bounty Hunters Guild

The Mandalorian returns to the guild to get his next bounty, hopefully to help clear his mind of the overwhelming guilt that he’s feeling. He feels so bad he even asks Carga if he knows what they plan on doing with they baby. Carga reminds him that its against the code to aks about it and that it’s unprofessional.

Mandolorian and Greef Carga meeting after the success of his mission to get baby yoda.

The Mandalorian also finds out that the rest of the guild had fobs for the baby, too. Everyone in the guild was after baby Yoda and he was the only one to leave there alive (R.I.P Ig-11). Surprisingly, he got no backlash for killing Ig-11, who is another member of the guild. I guess no one found out, how could they really, though? 

All eyes were on him as he walked in and Carga is excited that he was able to complete his job because he helped make him rich. Carga got a couple pieces of beskar for himself and he’s excited to make some good money off it. The Mandalorian shows no emotion in the success of his mission to Carga and he’s eager to get his next puck and be on his way again. He gets back to his ship and is in a hurry to fly off, but he gets reminded of the baby when he has to screw the knob back on.

The Mandalorian reaching for the lever on his ship that the baby was playing with

The knob that baby Yoda was playing with in the beginning of the episdoe and apparently thats too much for him now. The guilt is just too overwhelming.

The Rescue Mission

With the guilt taking over the Mandalorian he heads back to get the baby back and save him from the Empire. He sneaks close enough and uses his rifle to listen in on what they are saying and he uses his heat vision to see where they are standing in the building and where the baby is.

The Mandalorian heat vision as he spies on the client and Dr. Pershing

He overhears the clients voice hastily telling Dr. Pershing to extract what they need and be done with it, but the Dr. reminds him they have strict orders to keep the baby alive. Now who could they be taking orders from? Moff Gideon?

He causes a distraction by breaking the gatekeeper droid and goes around back to blow a hole in the wall to get in. He goes into stealth mode and kills a few stormtroopers like its nothing, he’s got some real talent in killing. He locates the doctor and the baby. The doctor begs for his life and assures him that the baby is fine and that he is the reason he’s still alive, in his begging for his life the Mandalorian dissapears with the baby and is on his way out.

The Mandalorian breaking off the gatekeeper droid

He gets surrounded by stormtroopers and they tell him to drop his weapon. With the baby in hand he drops slowly to put the baby and his gun down. As soon as he does his wrist fires off missiles that hit each of the stormtroopers, where he is miraculously able to get away from them. Shout out the client for the new gear to kill his men. Off he is with the baby and they’re safely out of the hands of the empire.

The Western Shoot-out

On his way out the fobs alert all the bounty hunters in the guild that they bounty is back on. They are all jealous of the wealth he got from the bounty and they are eager to get a piece of it for themselves. They all come out to stop him before he can get away with the baby on the Razorcrest.

The Mandalorian trying to get back to his ship with baby Yoda, but he is surrounded by the guild.

With everyones weapons pointed at the Mandalorian it seems like there is very little for him to do to get away alive and with the baby. His quick relexes allow him to pull out his gun and shoot one guild member before he hops on the speeder for cover. The shoot out begins and it’s even better than the one in the first episode. He’s by himself this time and he has to outsmart them as he’s insanely outnumbered.

He uses just about every weapon he’s got. He shoots a few of them with his blaster before getting pinned. He tires to light a few on fire with his flame thrower, but that runs out of fuel so he’s pinned, again. That’s why he brings out the rifle and starts obliterating people. An extremely frightening sight everyone scrambles for cover. He thinks he’s gotten himself out of this one, but as he trys to barter his way out with Carga a few guys sneak up behind him and it’s back on.

The Mandalorian shooting people with his disintegration rifle.

He electorcutes the guy and shoots another few. As things start looking down for him he looks the baby in the face and is trying to think of his next move. Next thing you know a missile hits a guild member and the bounty hunters go flying. To the Mandalorians rescue are the Mandalorian guild members as they fly in on their jetpacks and cause a distraction for the Mandalorian. Finally coming out of the shadows for some action and to save another guild member they’ll have to relocate their secret hideout, but this is the way.

The Mandalorians coming in to save our main character from his shoot out with the guild.

They can distract them enough for the Mandalorian to safely make an exit on his ship and fly off with baby Yoda as they safely get away. We’re glad baby Yoda is safe and we won’t have to worry about him being in the hands of the empire… for now.

When he finally gets back to his ship Carga is there waiting for him and the child. Thankfully the Mandalorian is smart and knows exactly how he’ll get himself out of this one. He causes a distraction and smoke starts filling their sight and now Carga can’t get a clean shot, that’s when the Mandalorian takes out his blaster and takes him out. Luckily for Carga, he got some beskar and that blocked the shot.

Carga on the ground holding the beskar that saved his life.

This is the way

The Mandalorian leaving on his ship when another member used his jetpack.

As they fly away safely a member of the Mandalorian guild flys up next to him and salutes him. They have eachother’s backs and that will be a huge factor in the success of the guild. Also, he was impressed with the jetpack and commented that he needs one for himself. That’ll be a sweet addition to his setup, it is an iconic piece.

Boba Fett from the original trilogy his jetpack is iconic.

Honestly, these episodes keep getting better and better. The Mandalorian is becoming one of the greatest insallments to Star Wars and one of the greatest things Disney has produced in a few years. This show is bringing back the Star Wars vibe while successfully introducing new characters, beasts, and hopefully more information on Yoda’s species. Next week can’t come soon enough as we wait for Chapter 4.

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