A Shift in the Series: Where Is “The Mandalorian” Headed?

Disney’s The Mandalorian is undoubtedly one of the most popular television shows. Its release was the headliner for the Disney+ release, and it has held up to expectations. With multiple awards under its belt, it feels like season 3 has taken the opportunity to explore different storylines to progress the series. Due to the various themes explored, it appears the creators are building up to a bigger picture, one that connects with the overall Star Wars universe.

Making movies, shows, comics, and novels is nothing new to Disney. They’ve had tons of practice with the MCU, weaving intricate stories that have kept the audience’s attention for over a decade. Having such success with that structure, Disney would be making a mistake if they didn’t at least try to implement a similar approach. So far, Din Djarin has tied in with Boba Fett’s journey, met two iconic Jedi, and helped put Bo-Katan back in power. We have seen the later stages of cloning as the Empire scrambles to regain its footing in the Galaxy, exploring the big mystery of how Palpatine returned in The Rise of Skywalker. With the Ahsoka series coming in August, it looks like that will connect these stories further.

Thrawn, Gideon, and the Rise and Fall of Mandalore

The show started with the attention surrounding Din Djarin and the mysterious child. As the show has progressed, we’ve discovered more about each of their identities, leading fans to speculate the show’s title, The Mandalorian, implies something about their relationship and the path they are going down. Would Djarin and Grogu unite the Jedi and Mandalorians? It seemed that was the most likely scenario. Especially after the time Grogu spent training with Luke Skywalker.

The duo was originally planned to split after Luke’s rescue, but Lucasfilm CEO, Kathleen Kennedy, insisted that they reunite after some time. This is how Djarin stole the show from Boba Fett and why we saw them there. With the two back together, becoming the Mandalorian to reunite them all is now something of the past. Djarin feels more responsibility to care for Grogu than he does to reunite his people. 

He knows to focus on Grogu because someone else will step up to be that figure for Mandalore. That is where Bo-Katan comes into play. As recently revealed in the past few episodes of The Mandalorian, Bo has the darksaber and has the authority to rule the Mandalorians. The Armorer has expressed a lot of faith in her because she “walks both sides” so she can unite the separated Mandalorian tribes. 

Bo-Katan, Queen of Mandalore

It looks like the show is shifting to focus on Bo-Katan and the Mandalorians as a whole instead of a single, lone Mandalorian. Still referred to as “Mandalorian” or “Mando” by a few, Djarin is slipping out of focus, and Dave Filoni’s characters are moving in. The Death Watch, Nite Owls, and the other warring tribes will get their chance for revenge against the Empire that fractured them entirely. 

Bo-Katan, Mandalorian royalty, will get her chance to redeem herself and save her people from hiding in the shadows. Although the Empire remains a threat to them, they remain determined to reclaim what was once theirs. The fight for Mandlore has begun, and with Gideon’s return and armor, he has declared war on the Mandalorian people, once again. 

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