Ezra Bridger Has Been Found for ‘Ahsoka’

The Mandalorian had introduced the live-action version of a few favorite characters. One of which was Ahsoka Tano, an ex-Jedi and Order 66 survivor. It showed her story of looking for Thrawn; she stopped on the planet Corvus to get information from the magistrate. Her search for Thrawn implies that she’s also looking for Ezra Bridger, a Jedi she trained in the animated series Rebels. 

Ezra Bridger’s fate was wrapped with Thrawn’s when the Purrgil took them to an unknown location in the Galaxy. He had sacrificed himself to save his friends and Lothal from the Empire. His efforts were successful, and the Purrgil took Thrawn and his flagship with them. 

Ahsoka’s journey has hints toward this search, and the casting of Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabine Wren only enforces this plot theory. Rebels ended with them leaving to go look for Ezra. A Cinelinx “exclusive” report states that Eman Esfandi will play Ezra Bridger for the upcoming Ahsoka series. 

This has now also been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, a more reliable source.

The source states that they had heard rumors of this casting, but there was not enough information to back it. Apparently, over the past few weeks, Cinelinx has heard whispers of this casting. Now another source has been “adamant” about the casting. Unable to sit on the information any longer, Cinelinx has announced this exclusive leak. 

To reinforce the rumor, Rosario Dawson and Natasha Liu Bordizzo both follow him on Instagram. Their previous work wouldn’t really lead their paths to cross for them to follow each other. It could be a stretch and only a coincidence, but it is worth mentioning.

Mena Massoud, the star of Aladdin was the previous rumored actor to be cast as Ezra Bridger, but it looks like this has changed.

Rosario Dawson, Ahsoka herself, has shared that the show is still filming. There are still a few months left, but the show is definitely on its way. She’s learned a bit of martial arts for this series, so we can expect a lot of well-choreographed action. 

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