Giancarlo Esposito Teases Season 3 and More At Canada Fan Expo

Giancarlo Esposto has recently revealed some juicy information about the future of Star Wars. During the Fan Expo panel, he talked about some video games, explained his status in the now fallen Empire in The Mandalorian, and revealed that he might know some inside information about the Empire and the tricks up their sleeve. 

The Video Game

Esposito had recently worked with Far Cry, a popular video game series that featured the actor as the main antagonist, Antón Castillo. His role in the video game contributed to one of Ubisoft’s most successful years. Esposito had revealed that the writer for the video game, Far Cry 5 and 6 has moved over from Ubisoft to Massive, a Swedish video game company. Navid Khavari, the writer will apparently work on a new Star Wars title.

He doesn’t know much about the game or the story, but he commented that he would like to call him up to include him in this new Star Wars game. If his plans work, fans can expect a video game set during the time of The Mandalorian or before. It is a rumbustious time in the Galaxy, so it could be an exciting setting to explore the chaos.

The Imperial Wardens

Esposito talked about the Imperial Wardens and his position in the Empire. He explained that wardens were placed across the Galaxy after the fall of the Empire to keep order and reestablish a presence. 

Esposito’s character, Moff Gideon, was given a particular part of the Galaxy. There, he would maintain what he could. But the issue was that Gideon saw himself as a stronger warden. He wanted them to listen to him, rather than be equals. 

The positions must conflict with the rising New Republic as they seek to reestablish their presence in the Galaxy. Something we’ll see more of in the live-action show to come, Rangers of the New Republic. 

The Teaser

This felt like the juiciest bit of information that Esposito had to share. His line in season 2 of The Mandalorian, “Long live the Empire,” apparently is more than just an Imperial fanatic leading an officer to his death. It has to do with the upcoming season and what the Empire is doing in the shadows. 

It appears that Gideon knows a lot about the cloning processes of the Empire. Of course, this was teased in seasons 1 and 2, especially with Dr. Pershing and his obsession with the midi-chlorians, but knowing that his famous line from Bo-Katan’s hijacking has something to do with season 3 is exciting news. 

Fans can expect to see more of the Empire and not just the expected Mandalorians and Djarin’s quest to Mandalore. The Empire has played a large role in the series so far, so it will only do the fans justice to keep us current with what the Empire is doing during this time. 

We know they make a comeback through the first order, but now it appears the “somehow” of Palpatine’s return may be revealed. Could it be some damage control for the unanswered questions of the sequel trilogy? Possibly, but with how well done the previous seasons have been, the plot of the cloning will seamlessly fit into Djarin’s journey. 

What do you think about Esposito’s teasers? Are you excited about a Star Wars video game written by Navid Khavari? What about seeing more of the Empire in season 3 of The Mandalorian? Comment your thoughts below or on the Facebook page!

Check out Esposito at the panel here.

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