KOTOR Gets New Developer

After some bad news and rumors of an indefinite pause, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is back at it with a new developer. The game was formerly under development by Aspyr Media out of Dallas, Texas, but has transitioned to Saber Interactive’s Eastern European studios. This news comes from Bloomberg, which reports that the studio change comes from someone who wishes to remain unidentified.

The pause in development came because Aspyr needed to work on other projects to grow capital due to the size of the game. This news about the transition shows that the game is moving forward, but unfortunately, when video games switch companies while still under development some delays follow. Issues with coding and things of that nature cause issues.

The Eastern European studio won’t push the game out this year or even by 2023, but fans can rest easy knowing developers are taking their time. There’s been news that the game will hit shelves in 2025. It may be a few years down the road, but a game as old as the KOTOR, released in 2003, is like creating an entirely new game.

The game is iconic, and fans will expect a lot from this remake, so the delay may be a good thing. Perhaps the transition will help push this game to be better than the original. What are your hopes for this game? Comment below or on the Facebook page!

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