Knights of the Old Republic Remake Confirmed

One of the greatest Star Wars video games, Knights of the Old Republic, also known as KOTOR, will be getting an official remake by Aspyr Media and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This means that the game will be exclusive to the PS5, the already elusive next-generation gaming system that’s been sold out since its release. Luckily, it will be a timed exclusive, so it will be later released to other consoles.

The original KOTOR was released in 2003 for Xbox and later made for PC and mobile platforms. One year later, in 2004, Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords was developed and released. The game has remained very popular for gaming enthusiasts and has been featured in pop culture media. Almost 20 years later, the game still has thousands of players on it daily. Now, the fan base will grow even more.

Much of the younger fan base had not gotten into the game because they were too young at its release, and let’s be honest, the game’s graphics are a bit outdated. Now, a whole new generation of gamers will be able to enjoy the open-world experience that is Knights of the Old Republic and immerse themselves in this new updated release.

The teaser trailer was just recently released, and it showcases the infamous Darth Revan. This main character from KOTOR, Darth Revan, has solidified himself as one of the deadliest Sith in the galaxy.

There are no dates featured in the trailer, so we do not know when to expect this remake to release. Most likely sometime late next year or early 2023.

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Check out the trailer here:

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