Acolyte Leaks: Filming Rumors and Characters

Star Wars Acolyte is a future project to appear on Disney+ that will focus on the Sith and the emergence of Dark Side powers during the decline of the High Republic Era. According to IMDB, the show will release on August 11th, 2023. Disney has not announced anything officially, so whether or not that is accurate, Acolyte will most likely arrive late summer/fall next year. 


Thanks to r/StarWarsLeaks, and a notorious Twitter leaker, @Aesokass, we have some news on when/where filming will begin. According to the leaks:

They will be filming scenes in the volume first, as they are not 100% decided on locations just yet. Location filming will begin in late October-November, and volume filing should begin within the next few weeks/months. 

IMDB reports that filming will take place in the UK, and the leaks show that a candidate for location filming is Caithness, in Northern Scotland. A possible stormy location for the Sith the lurk in the dark. Again, these are just leaks, but it appears that @Aesokass has a good track record with their leaks, and plenty of Redditors are vouching for their credibility. 

Caithness, Scotland


Another leak by the same user depicts a character to expect. Paul, the codename for this character now, will be a Sith human with white hair. It will not be Plagueis, nor will it be some new canon version of this character, but be his own character.

Although “Paul” will not be Darth Plagueis, the wise Sith Lord who taught Sidious everything he knew, the leaker believes that he will still be a character in the show. The High Republic will be the correct era to see his rise to power. Or at least his dark side powers unleashed, considering it is at the end of that era. 

Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games) is already confirmed to play the lead role in this series. Her excitement about Star Wars and her involvement in the series was expressed in her interview about the A24 horror film, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies at San Diego Comic-Con. It will be exciting to have the lead played by someone so enthusiastic about the franchise. 

Leslye Headland is the writer and showrunner for Acolyte. Her show, Russian Doll, has had some success on Netflix. Star Wars Acolyte has no official release day, and these rumors are still only rumors. Take this with a grain of salt and as exciting news knowing this show is moving forward in the next few months. 

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